The 7 Types Of Storytelling

What Is a Phrase Thesaurus?

Do you want to improve your writing style so that people love to read the stuff you’ve written? Do you want to speak in a way that grabs people’s attention and hold’s their interest? You can easily achieve both by adding interest, humor and wisdom to what you write and say by using a Phrase Thesaurus. Find out more…

Conquering the Empty Page: Three Painless Methods for Finding Great Storylines

You’ve always wanted to write. Where will you find stories and characters? Here are some places to look.

He Said, She Said: How to Write Dialogue and Action Tags

Dialogue tags separate dialogue from the narrative. It tells the reader who is speaking and the actions that take place between the descriptions.

Writing Dialogue: Everyone Uses Slang

Language is a living thing. It grows, it changes throughout time or it dies.

Memories, Oh Memories

The following article is a short summary about my past. Memories and moments that are gone forever but will always remain in my heart. Hope you enjoy them.

I Moved On

I wrote this article for all those people that have had a hard time trying to let go and moving on from someone they loved. Hope you enjoy it.

Plato’s “The Allegory Of the Cave”: Analysis

The Allegory of the Cave is an allegory as written by Plato, one of the most notorious ancient Greek philosophers, in a fruitful attempt to illustrate the true essence of life and he core meaning of being alive. The fictional dialogue between Plato’s brother, Glaucon, and Plato’s mentor and another leading figure in ancient Greece, Socrates, guide readers step-by-step to the light and reality that comes through knowledge and willingness to seek the truth. Through their dialogue, Plato tries to depict people’s ignorance of the real truth surrounding them and the importance of education in one’s life, in order to open the doors and escape illusions as people live them daily.

Writing Original Characters for Your Story: Finding the Feminine Voice

Women express themselves differently than men. Many female romance readers say they can always tell when a man is writing a woman’s character because the dialogue is unrealistic.

5 Tips for Character Development in Fiction

Whether you’re creating fiction or reading it, character development in fiction is what turns the cogs and makes interest happen. In order for fiction to capture the minds of those who read it, an author has to devote a serious amount of time to the construction, and continual change of a character, or set of characters. As a high school English teacher, I know first hand that many young writers struggle with the development of character. It’s for that reason that I’ve put together the following list of things to consider when developing new characters.

Writing Haunted House Stories – Building Atmosphere Through Setting

Atmosphere strikes your character with unease. Consider the houses that might be in your neighborhood.

Who in The World Needs Creative Writers?

Creative writers are needed all around the world, despite what some people may think. This is an article to encourage the wordsmiths of the world to take the chance and become the best in their field of expertise.

How to Co-Write a Mystery Novel

As interest in our recently-published second book has grown, I’ve been questioned about how my co-author, Dimity Hammon, and I have been able to write these mysteries as a team. I have heard stories about the difficulties–broken friendships, mounting tension, vying for control, giving up, legal action, and worse. It hasn’t seemed all that difficult for Dimity and me, though one of the first “how-to” books I picked up on writing said, “If you’re considering co-authoring a book, don’t!”

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