Pretty Dead Queens hardcover tour! Y’all it has an embossed cover!

How to Revise Your Novel Effectively

Every author’s process varies. When I write, I write a skeleton. When I’m working on a novel I write 5 pages every day, without exception, until I’m done with a first draft. A first draft for me was about 100 pages in word. It was bare bones, dialogue and general stage directions for my characters.

Interview With Author John Reyer About His End to End Saga and *Trillion Cool*

Tyler R. Tichelaar interviews John Reyer Afamasaga about his series of emotional-techno fiction, including the “End-to-End Saga” and his latest work, “Trillion Cool.” Afamasaga describes his plans for his next book, discusses his writing process, and reveals that he will be writing the next book from a new location.

How to Run a Creative Writing Workshop For New Authors

If you are planning to run a creative writing workshop for new authors there are several things that you should bear in mind. Firstly, do not assume that you know more than your workshop participants!

Seven Rules for Writing Just About Anything

Like it or not, our written words reflect upon us way longer than we would sometimes like. That’s especially true in business, where email communication has supplanted many a phone conversation.

Novel Writing Software – Genre Generation

Are you ready to enter into the exciting world of fiction writing? In spite of what you may have heard, this is the perfect time. But, first know the rules. The writing market today is stringently categorized into genres and sub-genres.

Novel Writing Software: Courting The Crisis

Novel writing software has come a long way since its conception. Now, you can finally realize your ambition of becoming a published author. As you are guided through the steps that go into creating a compelling work of fiction, and enter your details into the program, it will help you develop the crisis that will drive your story forward, populate your novel with fascinating characters, and plot your novel into a complete template. Before your eyes, you will see your story come to life.

Writing With Courage and Strength

Every time, I felt terrified, like I would sink into a bottomless abyss if I wrote – or rewrote – a particular scene, like I could not do it, I would look at that piece of paper and remember I didn’t need courage to continue. If Dorothy could do it with stubbornness and persistence, so could I.

Self-Possessed Insecurities

Insecurities tend to overwhelm people who are not completely comfortable with themselves. They feel different emotions which are mainly caused by the comments from others around them. Though, everyone does say that they don’t let others opinions get to them, usually that is not the case. We act as if the comments don’t effect us but we do take them into account, and our self-esteem can be brought up or brought down depending on the opinions.

5 Simple Solutions to Increase Your Productivity

Start a Treadmill Journal: It’s an easy way to increase your productivity. But what’s a treadmill journal? That’s what I thought too.

Writer’s Question: Is Rapid Writing an Indication of a Poor Book?

Many writers, famous and unknown, say their books almost wrote themselves. In other words, they finished their books in record time. Potential publishers, however, may think these writers cranked out a book without much thought. Can a book write itself?

Write a Romantic Letter to Your Wife For Your Anniversary

If you want to write a romantic letter to your wife for your anniversary then follow my simple instructions below. Romantic letters are easier than you may think. What a romantic letter needs to do is express your true feelings towards your significant other. You do not need to make it formal or perfect grammar, but just be yourself. To get started writing your letter start with tip one.

Creative Writing – What to Do When Your Mind Is Arid With All Inspiration Gone?

Be it your hobby or you do it as a professional, whatever way you choose to go for it, creative writing is undoubtedly an uphill task, and there are always further heights to climb from where you are at the present moment. Generally, it is believed that all you essentially need to be a creative writer is an ounce of imaginative ability which can further be polished through practice. People take creative writing courses these days for which scores of websites on the net offer you such services in plenty. However skilled and seasoned you are, the fact remains that writers every now and then run dry on ideas. Coming up with an interesting subject matter, every time you place your fingers on your laptop keys, is not that smooth sailing. It’s a cumbersome job, sometimes even nerve-wrecking an experience.

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