10 Tips for Writing Dialogue


The Skillful Use of Questions in Songwriting

Have you ever noticed how some really good songs use questions to hook you into a story and get you involved in the drama? Questions are used by clever songwriters because of the effect they have on you. Effective communication in songwriting includes the skillful asking of questions. To ensure the effectiveness of the asking of questions it is important to map out the exact thought process you want your audience to travel on with you during your song.

Write, Edit and Proofread Your Own Documents Effectively

Many people underestimate their own capacity to write effectively due to unjustified doubts regarding their abilities. By following these truly practical hints, tips and advice, you will discover your latent talent for writing. It is easy to develop good writing skills with the guidance provided here and a little bit of effort on your part. Learn to influence and convince others through your creative writing.

Writing As Therapy

All creative expression can help heal wounds. Writing is particularly apposite.

How to Write Fiction: Part 3 – The Writer’s Zone

This is the third of three articles that explore ‘How to Write Fiction”. It deals with the writer’s zone and discusses how to use imagination to enter a zone where the fiction story tells itself.

How to Write Fiction: Part 2 – Practical Techniques for Writing

This is the second of three articles that explore ‘How to Write Fiction”. It deals with the practical techniques of writing and discusses the elements needed in a story line.

How to Write Fiction: Part 1 – Ethereal Considerations

This is the first of three articles that explore ‘How to Write Fiction”. It deals with the ‘ethereal’ side of writing and discusses the writer’s motivations and lifestyle.

5 Steps To Writing Children Books

Writing children books is definitely a very pleasant and rewarding activity. If you want to give it a try, this article takes you through the process.

There Is No Such Thing As Writer’s Block

There is no reason for anyone to ever say they have writer’s block. If you are truly a writer, then you will always find something to write about.

Witchcraft In Fiction – Any Limits Or None?

A personal enquiry into witchcraft and related subjects. The objective is in to make the actions of a fictional character more convincing in future publications.

Fun to Injured

Imagine a 2,000-pound elephant stepping on your thigh. You can feel your bones cracking, and it’s very painful. Getting stung by a jellyfish feels the same way. How would I know? Read the rest of the story to find out.

Time Traveler

This story is about how a boy named Jaidon Moon suddenly goes back in time after learning about a tragic event that had happened in Japan. After he stops the tragic event from happening, it affects his life. NOT IN A GOOD WAY!!!!!!

The Largest Democracy In The World and Its Employment Issues

Unemployment rate in India has been one of the most terrible problems that it has been facing since its independence. Corruption and crime has increase manifold due to the unemployment factor. However, with better support and care, India can actually overcome this problem as well. But is the government listening?

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