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Are We Alone In The Universe?

Have you ever looked up at that enormous endless sky above us and wondered if there is anything out there? Are we truly alone in the universe or is there is something else out there lurking beyond what we can see?

Episodic Writing: What Is It, and Is It Suitable for You?

Episodic writing has been around a very long time and is, in my opinion, very popular today due to serial entertainment on broadcast radio and television. Some writer’s love episodic writing, others, finds it, due to its lack of structure, difficult to manage. Either way, whether you are for it or against it, episodic writing is, without a doubt, a viable option in our writing lives and livelihoods.

How to Write the Best Love Poems for That Special Woman in Your Life

Learn how to write the perfect love poem for that special lady in your life. Whether she your mom, girlfriend, aunt or wife, It’s one of the most thoughtful gifts you can offer to make her heart sing.

Writing Prompts To Overcome Writer’s Block Considered – Case Study

Not long ago, I had joined a local writing group in our area. Each week the group gets together and to help the members improve their writing. Some of those in attendance are poets, novelists, short story authors, and even article writers like me. To help everyone get over writer’s block they start the meeting with a writer’s prompt and ask everyone to get busy writing. Let me explain how this works using this is a case study. Below is a recent writer’s prompt which was used by our group.

Righteous or Reckless?

In December, 1800, William Eaton bound himself to the Bey (monarch) of Tunis for $5,000 (a huge some of money at that time). This was his promise to pay the ransom of a twelve-year-old Sardinian (Italian) girl who was kidnapped by Tunisian pirates. The pirates were the infamous Barbary Pirates, organized by Bey Hammuda ibn Ali to seize Mediterranean shipping and to conduct coastal raids. The pirates brought their prizes to Tripoli, where the Bey offered the pirates his protection. The Bey, actively communicated the demands for ransom (for a hefty fee). If the owners failed to pay the ransom, the ships, the goods, and the people aboard the ships were sold. For the people, that meant enslavement. This means to enrich himself and others of his realm worked especially well while Napoleon campaigned in Europe. It was easier for the kings of Europe to pay the ransom. It was not easy for a man of principle to do that.

How to Write Your Novel

How to Write Your Novel – Part One – My Preferred Method – Everybody has a book inside them, so the saying goes, and most of these books will be novels. This is because everybody has at least a little imagination, and everybody has had experiences they can use in the story and has met a variety of people they can base their fictitious characters on. Of course, the older you are, the greater your material source will be.

Your Individual Writing Style

I have had some fascinating discoveries of late when it comes to writing seriously. Writing to be published can be quite a daunting effort for some of us. It’s best to do your research on a publishing institute that best suits all your needs.

Cleaning Your House Offers 5 Steps to Tackle Writer’s Block

All writers experience writer’s block at some point. Did you know that by simply reorganizing your junk drawer or cleaning your house can open the door to a treasure trove of ideas to jumpstart your writing?

How to Be an Editor

Do you think you want to be an editor? Or, maybe you don’t want to be right now, but in case you are ever out of work you would like to have something to fall back on.

Dirk Steele and the Light Fantastic

It would be amazing to harness the power and speed of light to make an even more effective laser. Dirk Steele had broken the code and developed the technology to bend light. He was working on the technology to harness the power of his discovery.

Dirk Steele’s Time Experiment

Now he found himself in two places at once! He had succeeded. Indeed here was the proof of relativity. Now, to exploit the finding, Dirk had to find a way to cash in!

The Rise And Fall Of Femininity in the 21st Century

When men ruled the editorial pages of top news magazines, women’s femininity or lack thereof was a topic to be studied and pondered. Follow me as I take a stab at the continuation of these findings.

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