How to write a scene: annotated reading from Dead Flowers

Oyebanji Samson Oluwatobi: A Cacophony of Destruction

Oyebanji Samson Oluwatobi is the first-hand of Pastor and Pastor(Mrs) Oyebanji. He is the only brother to the famous, prestigious and prolific writer, Oyebanji John. Every 29th of January is his birthday.

Why Do You Agonize Over Writing?

“Writer’s Cramp” is a convenient fiction. It can be dispelled by following some simple rules and by applying some very simple techniques. But you have to want to write. You can not be forced into it..

Creating Characters for Fictional Stories

This article provides an indepth guide to those wishing to create characters for fictional stories and books. It discusses such topics as personality, character categories and types, character revelation, character development, characters and scenes, character complexity, giving birth to a character, character functions, character do’s and don’ts, and moving from characters to outlines.

The Structure of a Story

This article offers an overview of a story’s structure. It examines the eight integral parts of stasis, trigger, quest, surprise, critical choice, climax, reversal, and resolution.

Writing Short Fiction

This article provides an introduction to the author who wishes to write short fiction. It offers insight into the origin of ideas and offers numerous tips to improve his work.

Freshly Baked Idioms

This is a collection of new idioms.These idioms have been created from Philosophy, Culture and the Bible. These idioms call forth the world to be written with the new language of culture.

Writing Fiction for Young Adults

This article offers a comprehensive guide to writing young adult fiction. It includes such topics as young adult-mature adult fiction comparative, rules for engaging young adult readers, young adult themes, story, plot, plot types, plot construction, characters, dialogue, and setting.

Writing Children’s Stories

This article offers a complete guide to those wishing to write children’s stories and books. It discusses the history of childlren’s literature, the genre’s dual appeal, its readership divisions, children’s book types–picture books, story books, alphabet books, campfire tales, fantasy stories, novels, and nonfiction–and concludes with a step-by-step guide to writing them.

Best Writing Tips For Great Content of a Fictional Story

Are you interested in learning how to improve your writing? Learn a few important tips that will dramatically improve your writing.

Girls Can Punch

A short story about a little boy, who accidently answers the question he has always asked himself. Can Girls Punch?

Good Writing Bad Writing And Market Forces

We seek to know what makes a best seller in fiction thriller writing? What makes for a blockbuster? Is it good writing? If it is, how come bad writing sells; big time?

A Measure of Worth, A Study in Fiction Writing

This is a fictional short story article written in 2001, which serves as moralistic lesson about human worth. Tim Harding has reached the end of his credit, and his attempt to elude his relentless creditor. He doesn’t realize that his real worth is about to be painfully measured by the inch.

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