How to Set Better Writing Goals in 2020!

To Write in the Night Is Hard in the Dim and Waning Light

To awake in the night from a dream and to wonder, was that real! Alone in the night with fresh thoughts of dread. Was it the pizza I just ate or that buttery garlic bread.

Screenplay Format – Beginner Mistakes to Avoid

Mistakes will happen to us all along our journey in life but here we can make sure and avoid these beginner mistakes. Starting off on the wrong foot can be costly and very time consuming.

Boy, We Really Live Out In the Sticks – The Space Colonist Resident Exclaimed

A few years back there was a viral e-mail going around which showed a picture of Mars, that is to say the surface of Mars, and in this picture was a Walmart store. It was a tongue-in-cheek piece reminding us that Walmart is everywhere, and eventually they’ll the solar system, that was rather funny, but consider this; if you are a space colonist having a Walmart nearby would sure solve a lot of grief and challenges with your logistics and survival.

How Many Characters Is Too Many for Your Reader to Follow?

Too many characters in your story can not only spoil your story but worse, turn off your reader. How do you know if you have peopled your story with too many characters?

Book Writing Services

Book writing services provide book ghostwriters and editors for hire. By using book writing services, you will come across a plethora of ghostwriters and authors that are willing to help you. These professionals can help you flesh out your ideas, help you categorize what genre your book should be filed under, and not to mention use captivating language to lure an audience.

Book Ghostwriter

What do you do if you are someone who has led an interesting adventure and you want to share your experience with the world, but you just do not have the time to do it? You could do what celebrities often do; they hire a book ghostwriter so they can carry on with their busy lives, and still get their stories told. By hiring one your memoir will be in good hands because the book ghostwriter will listen to your tale of adventure and pick out the best parts, they can edit anything that you may have already written down…

Book Ghostwriter

A book ghostwriter can help capture the true essence of a fiction or non-fiction book and bring the story to life for the reader? Often times a book ghostwriter will be employed to oil the gears of the imagination and put “meat” to the fiction waiting to be written out. They can also help with editing, offer ideas to bring a failing character to life, and infuse depth to an otherwise shallow plot.

Book Ghostwriter

Employing a book ghostwriter to write a how-to book can save the author time, headaches, and frustration. The book ghostwriter can offer ideas and opinions that the author may not have considered, edit the manuscript, and bring fresh ideas to the table. Book writing services can help authors write books in a range of fields, both fiction and nonfiction.

Blog Books: The New Trend Around The Web

A blog book is a series of blog posts that tell a story. You can become a writer just by building a website and using your imagination.

Calligraphy Art Can Help Dyslexia

There was a time due to bad grammar, I couldn’t write for toffee. That is until I stumbled upon a lost secret in the art of calligraphy.

Long Form Writing: A Dying Art

Long form writing is slowly drifting into obscurity and out of the forefront of print and digital media. With the help of a new website created by one of Twitter’s founders, that idea may begin to change.

How to Create a Fiction Blog

Interested in creating a fiction blog series? I will explain the process.

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