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Yes You

Most people have failed in life because they always look down upon themselves. Success and greatness begins with you, so believe in yourself. Yes you can

The Essential Elements of Amazing Content

Content is all around you, everywhere you turn. Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the content that surrounds you is good (or, stretching it further, great) content. However, sometimes the simple (and ragingly successful) elements of amazing content are right in front of you and you may not recognize them right away.

How to Deconstruct Your Fiction Story – Tearing It All Down

We can see the happily ever after scene in our heads. We can taste he poured champagne. But how to get to that finished moment? Follow along this how-to and see how you can build the foundation of a complex story.

Critical Analysis of Derrida’s Writing and Difference

It is an analysis of Derrida’s work: Writing and Difference. The structures inherent in it are examined critically.

Building Your Fictional Character

Building a fictional character can be started by answering five questions: Who are you? Where have you been? When did you leave X and go to Y? What have you done? Why do you have that scar? By using current events and news stories as well as your own background, you can build a dynamic fictional character. Every day around the world people experience life and you can apply those to your writing to make it more real. This article walks you through how to do just that.

Analysis of Robbet Grillet’s Erasers

It’s an analysis of Robbet Grillet’s novel: Erasers. The analysis proceeds with character depiction, the structural flaws in the novel and its plot.

A Post Modern Reading of Ancient Indian Philosophy

It’s a treatise on a Post Modern reading of Indian Philosophy. The various schools of Indian Philosophy are subject to postmodern interpretation.

How To Write Articles That Aren’t Just Scanned, But Actually Read

These days, the readers have changed the concept of reading online copies a lot. They are more into scanning the copies and considering this fact, the style of writing contents has also changed a lot. This article offer complete details of this changed style.

A Refutation of Albert Camus’ Myth of the Sisyphus

It is a refutation of Albert Camus’ Myth of the Sisyphus. The refutation uses literary, metaphysical, ontological, psychological and materialistic ideas.

Rethinking History

It’s an article on rethinking about the writing of History. The article examines History from ideology, methodology and epistemology. The article also stresses the inclusion of multiple perspectives and narratives into the writing of History Text Books.

A Short Story Depicting a Woman With a Mental Disorder

A segment of a short story called “Left in the Dust”, which depicts a woman with a mental disorder. It shows the way in which mentally disabled people can commit crimes which they regret but cannot fix. The particular disorder remains vague.

How to Make Your Content Irresistible

Writing is such a skill not everyone is gifted with! But if you have the passion and desire to become a successful writer, you can succeed following certain guidelines!

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