How to Overcome Writer’s Block (9 Really Simple Tricks)

The Height of Societal Illiteracies

We English speakers have been taught many grammar rules, and learned the many exceptions. Here I extol a common mnemonic while entirely avoiding its proper use.

Writing Believable Fictional Characters

Making fictional characters believable is one of the hardest jobs of a writer. This article investigates ways to do this.

The 3 Steps to Writing Anything

When it comes to writing there’s a universal three-step process that can help you understand the process of writing and hopefully make it a whole lot easier. These three steps apply to just about all forms of writing, from essays, technical writing and sales copy to short stories and novels.

Visualize Your Story

Many writers, especially screenwriters, see their work played out as if it were a movie. When it comes to creative writing, the brain generally processes information visually.

Write Articles Any Reader Will Love

Writing articles has become a serious source of income for many men and women. However, many people fail at offering their audience a piece of writing that is interesting, compelling and really catches the attention of the reader.

How to Write Poetry for Children

Want to know how to write poetry for children? This article gives you tips and tricks for creating the perfect children’s poem.

The Value of Organization

We’ve all been there at some point. You’re late for work that day you’ve got an important meeting.

Point of View – Choosing the Best Point of View for Fantasy Fiction Writing

If you want readers to keep reading your book, point of view must be carefully considered. It is especially important in fantasy fiction writing. Why? The point of view from which you choose to tell your story sets the overall tone for the book. It gives the reader a vantage point from which to view the entire story as it unfolds.

Creative Writers Are Flexible

The best way to rework an idea is to look at it from a different angle. Change your approach to the problem and you can probably change your idea.

Brainstorm Your Novel

To expand a story idea into 100,000 words requires a writer to possess a meticulous attention to detail. Elements within a novel that make up the plot, characters and setting must be combed through and elaborated upon.

Mysteries and Subgenres

Although mystery is its own genre, mystery can also be found in a number of other genres as well. There is no concrete list of subgenres in mystery and elements of mystery can be added to nearly any novel, short story, poem, or movie script.

Interview With Don Meyer, Author of “The American War”

An interview with Don Meyer, author of the award-winning “The American War,” a novel about the Vietnam War and the Civil War, and the U.S. Soldier in Vietnam, who dreams he’s also fighting in the Civil War. Tyler: Welcome, Don. I have a lot of questions for you about writing “The American War” so I’m anxious to talk to you. First, will you tell our readers why you chose that title?

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