How to Write Compelling Dialogue: A Proven Process

I’d Rather Be a Witch Than a Writer

In this entertaining piece I’m explaining the advantages of becoming a Witch rather than a Writer. For those that really feel the urge to become someone starting with a W.

Why Writers Must Tell Stories

Writers tell stories. But what is a story? This article explains the whats and whys of storytelling.

Memoirs Change Lives – How to Write Your Memoir in Five Life-Changing Steps

Writing a memoir can change your life. The process empowers you to discover the deep connections between your past, present and future. Here are five steps to help you write a life-changing memoir.

Once Upon a Time

I was reading a book the other day and the way everything about the book encircled around just one character intrigued me, like, he couldn’t hide a thing from me, even his inner thoughts, I could read them, everything, every single thing. So then, it struck me! Just maybe I’m living a novel-in-progress.

Prayer Alliterations

O Lord! Cover my nudity with your beauty. Turn my mediocrity to your sovereignty…

Deleted Scenes

The object was to share a deleted scene from a current work or work in progress. Wow, this is a hard one for me. In the past, when I deleted a scene I really deleted it. I was dissatisfied with what I had written and unlike in my handwritten notebooks, I could hit the one magic button and it all went away.

How to Write Creative Articles for Website Content

Writing good articles for website content is not necessarily a problem of inspiration; it is a problem of research, structure and quality of information that is transmitted. It is nothing abnormal to write and article in 2-3 hours, although the goal of a ghostwriter is to write as fast as possible.

The Beginnings of the Job Search

My name is Paul Tatireta and I have ambitions of becoming an expert in writing articles, editing and proofreading texts. Of all the places under the sun, the good Creator designated the island of Marakei, a remote small atoll island in the Pacific Ocean as my island of birth. The island is one of over thirty islands which make up the island country of Kiribati.

How to Write a Character Who Could Sink the Titanic

When you write a character, remember that people are a lot like icebergs. 90% of an iceberg is submerged below sea level, which is why they are so good at sinking Titanics. People are much the same. The 10% we can see is their behavior, the words they say and their physical appearance. The other 90% is emotions, thoughts and beliefs.

Writing a Creative Piece

It’s coming to the time of year when coursework needs to be handed in and you anxiously cram for exams. If you’ve been studying English you would have been looking at the creative process and the many forms it takes. This ranges from the novel, the short story as well as plays.

Passion! It Is What Motivates Writers

A writer without passion is like a wet blanket smothering a fire. No passion, no drive; know passion, know drive!

How to Open a Novel

The senior editor of a fiction publisher explains what openings get a manuscript out of the slush pile. Most novel writers use one of three characteristic openings. The novelists whose manuscripts get read to the end find a way to twist these openings to create surprise.

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