Who Is the Bad Art Friend? WRITER DRAMA EXPLAINED (Kidneys, Plagiarism & Group Chats)

A Brief Definition Of Marketing

Marketing is the management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably. Marketing is producing and selling at a profit goods that satisfy customers. Producing, selling, satisfying at a profit sums up marketing beautifully.

Writing Tip: Read This Out Loud

Editing is a bore. It’s a pain. It’s far too easy to gloss over what we’ve written (it’s not like we don’t know the ending) without really taking it in. How many novels and other works have you, dear reader, come across with wonky sentence phrasings and obvious wrong words? If they’d taken this first tip, perhaps it wouldn’t have happened. Here’s the Tip: Read what you’ve written out loud.

Time Is Within You – Feel It With Your Heart

It’s time to create… It’s come to you. It came with your birth into this world. Ever since you’ve been conceived in the womb – your earthly time started… Your little heart was pounding with him.

Never Let the Uninitiated Tamper With Your Creativity

Small wonder kids find it hard to find an outlet for their natural talents. It was no different in my younger days. At the age of ten I entered an essay competition open to schoolchildren across the continent of Europe and sponsored by the famous French newspaper “Le Soir”.

Serendipity, Inspiration, and the Phoenix

At one point in the conversation Bill asked me why my novel was stuck. I told him the characters were flat and refused to come to life despite my best efforts. Later he asked my how autobiographical it was. I told him it held a little of me but not much. Then we talked about his writing and the literary and wider world. I give his questions little thought at the time.

From Where You Are

We write about what we know. If one is skilled in how to train a dog, then that is what is shared. If another has insight on how to find peace and serenity, those are the words that they record. No two writers have the same style, just as no two teachers, of any subject, present in the same way. In fact, oftentimes when we compare ourselves, we decide that we are not as good as someone else.

Why Can’t We Have Self-Editing Books?

Well, as a retired entrepreneur, and having been doing a little bit of writing in my retirement, I wonder how much longer human writers will be needed. In fact, I already see the writing on the wall, literally being done by computers. As we move from regular books, into e-books, and as artificial intelligence becomes more intelligent, and is able to put together creative works by knowing all of the genres known to mankind along with all the possible character names, and psychological profiles, it’s just a matter of time.

Solitude and the City

I am comfortable in this darkness. Inside a thick gathering of trees I lead myself. And find myself.

A Reason for Creativity

We speak to others in order to help them understand our day, instructions, feelings and emotions, the past, or even the future. We want to be understood. Our opinions must be heard, and so we speak them loudly. Other than those times that we might talk to ourselves, we are sharing, wanting others to see things from our perspective, to join our side, or debate against it. To be understood.

How to Successfully Write the Plot of Your Story in Reverse

How can one write a good fiction story in reverse? This may seem a trick question until you realise this simple fact: a novel is defined by its outcome. Put it in another way; every story has a Controlling Idea; and this idea is embedded in the final climax of the story. You cannot know what you are really trying to say until you have your Controlling Idea. And the corollary of that is: you cannot find out what you are trying to say until you have written your story. So what do you do?

Poems On Love And Life

Read these three poems on love and life. The first poem is titled “We Are All The Same”, the second poem is titled “Happy Endings”, and the third poem is titled “Moving Towards My Life’s Mission”.

Jane Austen

Jane Austen is a famous English novelist who lived from 1775 to 1817. She wrote romantic fiction and is most known for novels Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice, Emma and Mansfield Park. All of her books were set among the English middle and upper classes and are notable for their wit and social observations.

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