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Can You Create On The Spot?

When it comes to creating something, are you a planner or an improviser? In my work, I’ve started to distinguish between different creative approaches. Some people are much more comfortable with a well-planned and thought out process. Certain projects or situations necessitate this kind of approach. Other people and circumstances call for a more spontaneous experience of the creative process. Its about allowing ideas and expressions to flow through you in the moment.

Poetry and Swimming

The other week I was at my club swimming, and afterwards sitting in the sauna. As I stepped inside there was only one other occupant, a late middle-aged lady who seemed to be sitting down centrally and staring out through the glass at the pool which she also had recently left. I didn’t know her, but as I sat down she confided to me that ‘It’s fascinating how everybody swims differently’. Yes, I said, surprised, and looked out myself at those remaining swimmers who remained in the pool. They certainly were all swimming differently. About a minute went by and then I added, by way of being sociable, ‘I think everyone has the right to swim exactly how they want to’ and as soon as I said it she nodded assent and murmured agreement, for it was what she too believed. ‘But that said,’ I added, ‘it’s pretty apparent that some people swim better than others’. She seemed less comfortable with that idea;

Tips for Writing Great Business Website Content

Good quality content is indispensable for any website because it provides the website an opportunity to come in to good terms with search engines like Google giving your site the much deserved traffic. Here we share some tips for making great website content.

My Fiction Story

The sand scratched at her toes as Bailey tramped down the beach, attempting to keep herself upright on the uneven surface as she clutched the hem of her maxi-dress in one hand and allowed her heels to dangle from the opposite hand’s fingers. She was drunk already, after only her third flute of champagne. She’d always been somewhat of a lightweight; her mother even teased her about it, endlessly.

A Few Short Guidelines for Writing Children’s Stories

The genre of children’s stories is huge. This article condenses some of the main points into just four guidelines that may help to get you started, or keep you on track, in writing your own short story for children.

Performing Stand Up Comedy – Forgetting and Bombing

When performing stand up comedy, you may forget your material from time to time; be transparent with your forgetfulness. The audience really doesn’t care if you forget something for a moment, but they do care if they are left in the dark. They want to be in your world and know what is going on.

A New Selection Of Poems And Haiku And Tanka Sequences

1. IMAGINARY GAINS. The traps hidden in the candle flame are the cages we make and unmake to chart the future and yet fear. The emergency light at night dream the concerns of slinky colleagues and how to police their freedom against owls, monkeys and bandicoots that howl at each move to the lee and yet pretend our poses intact through several byways reach victory stand breath by breath conspire against ourselves only to hear the echoes that rise or die down in silence the twangs of memory reveal the pit dug over the years or the earth fermented with imaginary gains

Sex Scenes in Fiction

One of the trickiest parts of fiction writing for any writer is in the treatment of sex scenes. Should they be there or not? How far to go? How much to leave to the imagination of the reader?

The Basics of Book Writing

An introduction to be bare essentials of writing an entire book. The article covers the entire process.

Tips for Travel Writers

So you want to write about travel. Travel writing is a competitive industry but rewarding. Here we discuss several tips for travel writers hoping that you can achieve your dreams. There are many styles of writing and finding your niche is the only real challenge. These days the successful travel writers tell stories, anecdotes and experiences in a personal and witty manner.

Want to Be a Freelance Travel Writer?

We all like to travel and wouldn’t it be nice if we could generate some income during our favorite pastime? Success to writers usually comes with much practice and many failures. You need an eye for detail as you travel and a memory to remember those interesting snippets and you need an imagination to be able to tell the story in a compelling way. Here are a few tips to becoming a successful freelance travel writer.

Performing Stand Up Comedy – Hecklers

Sometimes when performing stand up comedy, you will be heckled by people who do not realize that they are acting like jerks and destroying your show. When you come across one of these hecklers who just will not shut up, you need to a have decent comeback that will get them to stop. If that doesn’t work, try working it into your show to let the audience know that you can still find the humor.

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