Competition in Publishing is LEGIT (Some of this may surprise you!)

Short Story Writing – Six Things You Need to Be A Professional Writer

Writing can be an enjoyable and therapeutic hobby, but if you have secret ambitions, how do you shape yourself into a professional writer? This article examines the six ways you can streamline your writing, so you are a professional rather than an amateur.

Puzzlingly Peaceful

Fitting words can be like fitting pieces of a puzzle. There are ways to creatively bend the rules to make those pieces work in places you may never have thought of.

You Can Get Rich Being an Author, And Other Author Myths

This article is about writing myths that all blossoming writers should consider. Writers will be a little wiser after reading this article. That is, both feet will be planted more firmly on the ground.

Short Story Writing – How to Overcome Writer’s Block and Write Your First Draft

Writer’s Block usually stems from fear and insecurity that our final story won’t match up to our expectations. This creative writing guide shows you how to avoid Writer’s Block as you plot and draft your short story.

Top 5 Tips to Successfully Curb Writers Block

Writers block is common and should not be feared. The goal is to practice curbing writer’s block and utilizing different tools that work best with you.

Writing Historical Fiction – The Details Are Important

I like nothing better than bunkering down at my computer on a cold, rainy day and writing about people in far flung places from another time. I am transported to another part of the world, the way I want to transport my readers. Writing historical fiction novels can become an addiction.

The Top 5 Things You’re Doing Wrong When You Write A Love Poem

Sometimes you feel the need to express yourself by writing a poem. But be careful! It’s easy to fall into one of the many traps that make poetry writing so difficult. Be sure to avoid these 5 classic mistakes.

A Post-Mortem Tribute to a Great Book

Finding an old a paperback copy of “A Women of Independent Means” among my grandmother’s belongings, after her death, left us with some insights into her nature. This was especially poignant when we found her inscription proclaiming this book to be her “favourite of all times” as well as, some underlined passages.

Non Fiction Books: How To Write Them In 6 Steps

Writing non fiction books is not as difficult as it seems. This article offers a detailed guide of how to write them.

Surya Bai

This is a short story for children. When a little girl vanishes she is cared for by loving eagles and her life adventure begins.

Five Advantages of Blogging For Aspiring Authors

It might be argued that writers trying to write a novel should stay away from blogging as it would waste their time and energy and make them lose their concentration. However, blogging is to writing what exercise is to body. The article presents five ways in which regular blogging can help aspiring writers and novelists in sharpening their skills and getting better at their craft

Overcoming Writer’s Block

A cure for writer’s block. My journey from afflicted self loathing to words flowing. Plus, how to drink yourself into a coma without even trying! Just kidding, that’s another article…

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