3 Ways To Instantly BOOST your Confidence – How To Build Confidence In Yourself

How to Approach Editors With Your Articles

Want to know how to approach editors? This article shows you how with helpful hints and tips from a working editor.

How To Write A Novel – Do You Outline Or Make It Up As You Go Along?

What’s the best way to write your story? Is it to work out your plot before you start? Or should you just sit down and begin without knowing where you are going? Here is advice from famous writers… on both sides of the argument.

For Fiction Writers: Create a Lively Setting in Three Easy Steps

Take your fiction writing to the next level by creating a stronger setting with these three easy steps. You’ll be amazed!

If You Can Write Rubbish, You Can Write

The first hurdle, standing in your way, is you. Why jump through your own hoops? Why be late, when it isn’t fate? Smash writer’s block. Learn the use of this powerful ingredient, when cooking up, the soup of success.

Compositions Without Paragraphs Are Trouble for Kids and Teachers, But There Is A Seven-Step Cure!

Learning to identify where paragraphs belong in a composition or story is a challenge for many elementary students. When correcting papers teachers tend to go crazy marking where a new paragraph should be. They can’t wait for students to do it correctly. If teachers follow the guidelines outlined in this article, students will happily be indenting their “building blocks” sooner than expected.

How to Pen the Perfect Author Bio

The most common mistake made by novice authors, both of books and articles, is found in writing their all-important author bio. In the following article, I will explain why this is so important and how to craft your best-ever author bio every single time you need one.

Memoir Writers

Memoir writers often act as ghost writers who write their client’s memoir. Memoirs, unlike autobiographies, are personal reflections. They don’t necessarily need to recount the entire life span of the author, and can be focused around a few years or even a few select memories, that led them to become the person they are today.

If You Want Racy Fiction, Write More Than Just Sex

Just because a novel is described as racy, doesn’t mean that it is all about sex, it needs to still have plots and subplots. Novels depend on the path you must not cross. Some research may also be required.

Meaning in Art, Especially Writing

The subject of this article is meaning, both intellectual, aesthetic, and linguistic. I argue that the under-riding concept of meaning is darkness, a concept which dates back to the Platonic Cave, and more recently, Romantic poetry.

A Poem for the Middle Class

A poem I wrote describing how I feel about being the middle class of America. This is followed shortly by a brief paragraph deciphering the poem for an easy read.

The Four S’s of Great Writing

Great writing has four essential elements. Check to see if your writing has them.

Shhhhhh – It Is the Million Dollar Secret!

Shhhhhh – It Is the Million Dollar Secret! this article reveals a FREE and POWERFUL secret that can help you live a happier life now.

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