Write Great Dialogue: Creative Writing Lesson

Tips on Writing a Book – Where to Start?

This article describes how to start writing a book. This is a daunting task and advice given here could help you to put pen to paper with confidence.

How to Remain Sane When Writing a Novel

What do you do when you begin to doubt your writing? How does a writer press forward so that they may complete their novel?

The Importance of Suspense in a Novel

What makes suspense work in a novel? There’s quite a lot to know about this, but here are some highlights.

Hurdles to Creativity and How to Overcome Them

Everyone in some, or many, parts of their lives, must overcome hurdles if they are to succeed. We must get over our shyness if we are to interview for a job. Stick to a budget if we want to save money for a new home or car or vacation. We must clear the hurdle of not being afraid to go back to school if we want a different career. Art is no different.

A Choice: The Muse or The Critic

From quantum physics to prophets, nearly everyone understands that everything is comprised of energy. What we are and the creative things we do are guided and influenced by the energy of the universe. When we sit down to write, draw, play music, or set up outside for painting and photography, we invite the Muse to visit us, that intelligent part of the universe that whispers to us that we are creative beings and our birthright is to create.

The Importance of Plot in a Novel

What makes plot development work in a novel? There’s quite a lot to know about this, but here are some high-points.

Changing How We Create Art

Why do you write? I write to understand. That understanding doesn’t stop with my observations of the environment around me or the people I encounter, but goes straight inside of me, to my heart and soul, thoughts and dreams. In order to create, we are to treat our inner child with love and respect and take care of her by being kind to ourselves. It is with the imagination of a child that we entice our Muse to visit us.

Creating Art Differently to Silence the Inner Critic

There is something else to be seen by observing pieces of the whole but not the details. The shape of the face or eyes, the energy that the mermaid is expressing as she dives or surfaces, the feeling or improvisation that allows the musician to transition from one section of the song to the next offers a different perspective. Try backing away from a narrow focus, the detail, and instead notice the tone, the shape of the line, or the emotion in the piece.

How to Develop Strong Characters

People fall in love with novels because of the characters. This means it’s imperative for you to know how to develop them, and why.

Observations and Courage Make Creativity Easier

Artists are observers. That’s how we pick up how other people speak, their mannerisms, and how we can predict why they wear the clothes they do, and then use that fodder in our art. It is the smallest details that will sometimes make the difference for a reader or listener or audience member. So, as creative people, we play with how the tiny details fit together to construct the whole.

Activities to Bring Play Into Creativity

We’re just playing around, seeing where it takes us, observing how the images or words or movements make us feel. All of these exercises are just messing around, seeing if anything comes from it, noticing if something begins to talk to us, to push its way into our field of creativity where the Muse is the coach and we’re just a player.

4 Factors to Consider Before Writing a Novel

Aside from becoming knowledgeable with vocabulary and grammar, another challenge that you may find in writing a novel is thinking and organizing the ideas for it. Look into these four factors first before you start typing. These can pave the way towards an appealing novel that is also working logically.

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