How to write a book: drafting and editing

You Are a Writer (Yes You Are!)

You are a writer. You are a writer of power, passion, strength and, yes, courage. For writing is an act of courage. You are a writer. What you write is powerful. What you write is vibrant. What you write, whatever you believe in this moment, is luminous. You are a writer…

Misreading Freud and Lacan

It’s a rereading of theories of Sigmund Freud and Jacque Lacan from an apolegtic point of view. The author has in-depth analyzed their theories and has provided an exegesis from an apologetic point of view.

Using the Words Altogether and All Together Correctly

Are you having difficulty using the words “altogether” and “all together” correctly? You’re not alone! This article will explain what these two words mean and how to use them correctly in speaking and in writing.

From Discourse to Dialogue

This article examines various forms of dialogues. The various categories of dialogues are coercive, democratic, persuasive, psycho-log and streams of consciousness.

Leaving a Lasting Impression With Your Writing

Your writing will earn you credibility and trust among your readers. It is essential that you always write with your reader in mind. Remember that you are writing for the reader, not for yourself.

Memoirs Of My Dreams

A story about my reality that felt like a dream. Waking up to not believing what happended the day before.

The Never Ending Sunset

This story is about the idea of how we wish that our dreams were reality. A young boy chases a sunset until it starts to chase him.

Living In A Dream

This story is about a young teenage girl that hates her life until she falls asleep. A girl trying to understand why a reality was chosen to be negative.

The Story Behind the Topic

Every reader responds to a different style of writing. Determining who your audience is will direct the style in which you communicate.

Groundhog Day – Reliving More Than 100 Years of Jim Crowe

The political indoctrination of our president and his core of supporters, is altering America’s core belief system. The reason for the change is to conform with ages old, false, political narratives and the old Jim Crowe belief doctrine.

Writing World Wednesday – Surprise

Why are we so attracted to surprises? This brief article explains the good and bad aspects of how surprises in storytelling work and how you can apply them.

Analysis Of Competing Fundamentalisms by Sathiayanathan Clarke

It’s an analysis of competing fundamentalisms by Clarke. Clarke traces the evolution of fundamentalism in Christianity, Hinduism and Islam.

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