How to Write a Novel: My Proven 12-Step Process

How to Approach Your First Novel

Having just finished my first novel I thought I would share some lessons I have learned about the mechanics of ‘how’ to approach writing your book. In summary…

The Definition of a Short Story

If you want to write short stories, you should probably know what one is, right? It’s not as straight-forward as you might think.

Four Reasons You Should Be Writing

Have you always harbored the desire to write a novel? There’s no time like the present. How can you come up with a great story? Will you write an action filled, plot driven novel or one that plumbs the depths of the human heart? How will you frame and build your characters? Let’s explore these and other topics about your first novel. To begin, here are some reasons it’s worth the effort.

Memoir Writers

Memoir writers are in great demand. Memoir writers need to know how to write an interesting narrative. Anybody can compose a memoir because everyone has a laudable story to narrate.

Memoir Writer

A memoir writer or a memoirist is a writer who records details of life about a subject or theme in an attempt to preserve the details. The moments captured may cover a particular span of the lifetime or a specific occasion of life. A memoir is a sub-class of the autobiographical writing genre.

Why You Should Be Paid for Your Experience

A challenge to everyone with experience of life to share it and get paid for it. How this author was challenged to this kind of enterprise. The reason you should expound your talents and your experience and be rewarded for them.

Do You Have To Be ‘Creative’ To Be A Writer?

Do you wear thick-rimmed glasses, skinny jeans, and plaid? No? Well, you can still be a cool and creative writer anyway.

How to Give Your Poems the Edge in Competitions

Entering poetry competitions can be fun and sometimes very profitable. The prizes can range from simply being published to thousands of pounds!

How to Conduct a Successful Interview

Why are interviews important? Well, as a writer, you need to add credibility to your work and one way to do this is to get quotes from those in the know.

Homelessness Does Not Guarantee Humbleness

If you have ever been outside in a fairly large town or city you should have encountered a homeless person by now. If you haven’t at this point please contact your local recycling center for a live preview. Whatever your case may be you might have had a verbal or even physical encounter with one, and more than often the exchange of money from one hand to the other is about.

Getting Your Book Published: The Guerrilla Guide

The essential guide to ensuring that your first book is taken seriously and finds its way into the right hands. Help for the author who wants to be published. Contains a sneaky tip of how to find yourself a literary agent that works nearly every time…

Memoir Writers – How to Get Started

A memoir writer for hire can help you by determining the essential information you need to create the outline. From the outline, the memoir writer can expand on each part to write your memoirs. First, it is important to distinguish between an autobiography and a memoir.

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