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Author’s Evaluation: If I Wrote the Book Again

The author may continue to think about a book and even work on it after the manuscript has gone to press. Is this harmful or helpful? This article tells how one long-term writer uses the phrase, “If I wrote the book again,” as an evaluation process.

The Importance of Choosing Words Carefully – Your Audience’s Interpretation Matters

Creative writers care about their audience’s interpretation. And language is their raw material. How they craft it is all-important. To demonstrate this, take the extreme opposite case of another user of language: a spokesman for a corrupt politician. Recently in my favourite radio news programme, I heard one of our senior current affairs journalists interview a spokesman for an African politician who was refusing to step down from power in a disputed election which took place 5 months before.

Storytelling With Cattell’s 16 Personality Factors

This article examines the potential of Cattell’s 16 Personality Factors as a framework for storytelling. First some general principles of storytelling are mentioned. Then, some of the various factors are discussed with a view to their potential for conflict generation.

Five Tips Of Characterization To Gain Cash Prizes In Writing Awards

Check out these five powerful ways to add strength to minor characters in a story. They could help your fictional tale to win a top writing award.

Breakfast With Infidels

I spent the first seven years of my life in the outskirts of Zemun, a town across the river from Belgrade. The street itself started with the Yugoslav largest liquor factory, Navip, downsloped as a row of village houses, their large yards packed with chicken and pigs, then gradually turned into gypsy shacks, ending up with a waste site, Jelovac, one immensely huge and deep hole. During snowy winters we used to sleigh ride there, an…

Write For a Living

When most people think about writing for living or about becoming a professional writer, they think about being a bestselling book author. The reality is that most of us will never get the chance to do so through traditional publishing routes. Fortunately the writing landscape has changed radically over the last decade due to the major influence and integration of technology in our lives.

Business Plan Format: Making It As Customized As Possible Is the Way to Go

Business plan format provides guidelines on important information that you need to consider when setting up your business. There are many templates available anywhere but making it as customized as possible is the most preferred way of doing it.

The Keys to Creative Writing Every Writer Needs to Know

Reading well is one of the great pleasures that solitude can afford you. Every writer or creator of any kind has the ability to exchange views and to see things from multiple angles.

Fiction Writing Tips – How to Write Flashbacks

Flashbacks can be used very effectively to set scenes and create depth for your fictional characters if used with finesse. This article outlines three great methods on how to write a flashback and adds some words of caution, as well.

A Journey to Wonderland

I know how Alice felt as she stood in front of the looking glass. I’ve been there, only my white rabbit was nowhere to be seen; maybe this time around he wasn’t running late. I can see the mirror, or at least a hazy outline of what I believe is a mirror.

Elements That Make Up a Good Fiction Story

I believe in the power of story. And of course, in various cultures story tellers have held power; in Celtic communities, for instance, the Bard was second only to the Chief; consider the fact that the layout of a Bronze Age home gravitated around the centre where an elaborate chair was placed for the story teller; and witness the strength of the oral tradition, out of which Homer came with his tales of the Trojan war, and of the journeys of Odysseus.

Novel Writing Guide

With the proper training anyone can get their novel in print and on the bookshelf of libraries and bookstores across the world. Don’t fly blindly through the publishing fog, let a published, successful author show you all you need to get your book in print.

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