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Good Creative Writer – 2 Strategies For Creative Writing Success

Creative writing is a field where writers can build a brand name for themselves in many ways. In this article, I share 2 of my best strategies for marketing creative writing skills…

How to Choose The Right Newsletter Name

Newsletters are important particularly for businesses. It is a way to inform people about certain news about the business. Oftentimes, businesses send out newsletters to let the public know about a new product or service being launched or a promotion being introduced.

3 Ways to Create More Suspense in Your Writing

This article helps the new writers to enhance their skills for writing a suspense story. Suspense keeps the readers engrossed in the stories. The main tools for creating suspense are the elements of plot, time and setting.

The Subconscious Mind As An Aid To Creative Writing

We like to think that our successes in life are down to ourselves and our conscious mind with little account given to the workings of the subconscious mind. Our subconscious mind is, however, an extremely powerful force which is always at our disposal, whether for managing mundane bodily functions or for more creative processes. A surprising number of people have been inspired by their subconscious promptings, resulting in inventions, discoveries, artworks and creative ideas for writing. The aim of this article is to suggest approaches writers might take in creating their own inspirational writing journal or notebook.

3 Tips for Writing Children’s Stories

Writing children’s stories is an art. There are certain elements that must form an essential part of these stories. They include use of colourful pictures, rich imagination, plot, theme, words like adjectives, etc.

Children’s Books – Young Adults: Ages 13-18

When a fiction writer sets out to interest an agent in their newly completed manuscript, they must state in very specific terms who is the intended audience. In many cases this might be straightforward, but what if your novel has a teenage hero? Does that automatically mean the audience must be age 13-18?

A Key to Good Chapters Is Finishing on the Right Note

Chapters have been a staple of book writing since man began writing them, and why not? organizing information into sections makes it a lot easier to arrange and control the content of any book. This article refers more to the art of chapter creation in fictional works, which is just as important as it is in any other book.

Twists and Turns Down the Straight and Narrow

A great way to entice a reader into continuing to read a book is to include plot twists. If nothing amazing ever happens, or intrigue is never added to the story, readers may burn out. Keeping them entertained and curious about new developments makes for a more satisfying adventure, and helps add to the “don’t want to put it down” factor.

Why Should An Aspiring Author Join A Writing Group?

Hello fellow writers, as many of you already know, writing a book can be a very demanding task for an author, but getting the book published can be even more difficult! Instead of blindly mailing your future best seller to loads of companies who may not realize the opportunity, why not allow fellow enthusiasts, to offer helpful services and advice on your latest creation? Writing groups can greatly increase your odds of being published, by advocating your novel and even guiding you through to the release of your story. Many online writers groups even include local meetings in your area to discuss your latest novel with others interested in your specific genre, this alone is incredible!

How to Create a Novel That Your Readers Won’t Want to Put Down

There are five essential things you as an author must do if you want to create a novel that your reader won’t want to put down: 1) create empathy with the main character and their quest; 2) captivate the reader with your tone of voice 3) engage the reader’s emotions 4) keep questions open and 5) build up suspense. First, though, you must remember that only a proportion of all fiction readers actually want a novel they can’t put down. Some readers like a novel that has a gentle pace that can indeed be put down, to fit in…

4 Tips To Increase Traffic To Your Blog

Many businesses are jumping on the bandwagon to start their own blog. The problem many people have when they start a blog is they do not have any readers or followers. You may have a writing services company write your blog content or you are writing it yourself.

To Be or Not to Be Happily Ever After

The enemy is vanquished, the world is safe. Our heroes ride off, leaving a land of thankful people waving and cheering behind them. As the sun sets, they fall into a life of peace and ease, living happily ever after. Or do they?

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