Publishing Talk: How to get published by a big five publisher

What Motivates You To Blog, Is It Just The Money?

These days thousands of new blogs are created on daily basis, and thousands go down after just a couple of month. Why? Because too many people put financial motivations ahead of quality and great content. This post aims to guide those blogging newbies who want to have a financially successful blog.

Three Easy Steps to Authentic, Fearless Writing for Your Book

You do not have to wait for the muse to inspire authentic, fearless writing in your book. Coax it into being with these three quick steps. Release judgment in writing the draft of your book, by considering all ideas acceptable.Let loose and write your book or essay’s first draft non-stop. Do not discount a badly written first draft, because magic can happen in the next draft.

13 Tips for Becoming a Better Writer

Writing has been a fundamental key to the development of civilization. Man has been exclaiming proclamations and decrees since the first signs began in the 4th millennium BC with Sumerian cuneiform and Egyptian hieroglyphs. Now, billions of people teach, communicate and keep written records across the globe everyday in the modern world. With all the information we pass among ourselves, it can be difficult to get a message across in a manner that is defining for both the writers and the readers.

Out of Body Dreams: What Do They Mean?

When you dream, your mind creates a sort of story, based on different elements lying within your subconscious. Sometimes the dream contains memories from your day – people you interacted with or places you visited.

How To Come Up With a Good Story for Your Graphic Novel

Hey! Why not make your own graphic novel and explore your talent in story writing as well as creating incredible graphics for it?

Writing A Comedy Script

In theory, writing a comedy script is easy; as a matter, of fact, we can apply that to writing a script of any kind, too. Writing anything is easy, period. However, when you start to apply qualifiers such as “funny” in front of the words “comedy script,” then the difficulty level obviously increases to the point that it can be very hard.

Celebrating National Kite Flying Month: Giving You 8 Reasons to Write This Month

Have you ever flown a kite? Have you ever attended a kite festival? What goes through your mind as you watch a kite dance with the wind? Kites have been and continue to be a whimsical, fascinating outdoor activity that requires the mechanical skill of maneuvering the strings that control these lightweight, dazzling and colorful flying wonders in the sky.

The Final Battle

They were circling each other under the moonlight. Those vicious eyes fixed on each other. The trees surrounded them, there was almost no way out.

The Other Side

I love God. God loves me. Here’s a poem of love, hope and dedication.

When The World Comes To An End

Just imagine what will happen, if and when, situation develops that could lead to the end of the World. An attempt has been made here to visualize the possibilities.

Too Busy To Write, or Do Anything: Thoughts On My Publisher Life

How many of you are just like me? You are constantly attempting to catch up all the time. You have a list of things to do that you wish you did not have to do, a list of things you know you have to do–some of which are good and some bad, a list of things you’ve always wanted to do, and things you know you like but rarely, if ever, get to.

How to Create Characters For a Novel

Every writer knows that even before you start writing you need to create your characters. Your characters will tell you where to take the story. So how do create believable characters? Let’s take a look…

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