How to Beat Your Fear of Writing

What It Takes To Create Quality Content

Creating good quality content for the website brings in great success for the business. There is no denial Content is King and it should be treated as one.

7 Ways to Create Engaging Online Content

For writing an informative and unique content you should have clear idea about your market, your business and your online services; the amount of information that is constantly churned out online means, the need to keep it fresh and consistent is paramount.Here are some top tips for creating engaging marketing content for your company. There might be some tips may not work for your company. Your website is probably your number one sales tool, so make the most of it and give your visitors a reason to stay!

6 Tips For Accepting Rejection (or Constructive Criticism)

This article is about how to overcome rejection in your creative writing career. Read it to gain 6 great tips on how to turn constructive criticism into helpful tools.

Wielding Your Poetic License

Your poetic license is a valuable tool that is commonly used, and abused, by writers. It’s not just poets using the license we’ve all been granted.

Indie Press Offers Online Community for Women Writers

She Writes Press has an online community that offers some great tools to help women writers become successful. It was founded in 2009.

Steps to Write a Short Story

An article about the steps to write a short story. Starting with brain storming and going through your final draft.

To Justify Despair

This is a short story I wrote when I was 16 for a school assessment. It has since then been used by English teachers as a past students work, for future students to work off as an example. The assessment was to create a story with as much past insinuation possible in only one page, along the lines of the infamous “For sale: Baby shoes, never worn.”, but with a bit more depth. This short story depicts the stories and pasts of four men. I will not divulge any more information, as it may wreck the story.

What Inspires Creativity? – 9 Methods to Summon Your Muse

Writers, entrepreneurs, and other creative types have their own methods of nurturing creativity. Mine always begin with a question: “What if… ” Aside from the usual place (in the bathtub surrounded by bubbles), I began to think: What inspires creativity? And, how can we conjure more creativity?

The First Steps Towards Writing A Novel

This article details a method for a first time novelist to begin outlining and structuring their novel. The article includes my personal experiences in becoming a successful author, in addition to giving concrete examples and some how-to instruction.

How Do I Get an Article Published on the Internet?

The writer’s dream, is to pave the road of public acceptance and encourage awesome awareness. Writing articles is fun. Though, without the relevant nohow, to advocate a niche using available resources, achieving maximum feedback will have its price. Targeted budgets for dedicated authors require the edge in marketing techniques that few writing resources are willing to share.

7 Tips on Writing

Don’t know how to write a creative story? Well these tips can be a starter. They may help you in the beginning stages up until you end.

Starstepper The Apache Medicine Man, My First Kindle Book

Have you ever wondered what it is like in the life and the mind of an Apache medicine man? Have you wondered what mysteries he might know that your pastor or other teachers might have missed? Is there anything to all those strange rituals native Americans go through. Here is a fictional account of such a man. A man who is deep into things unknown by the white eyes. And he is very at ease with it all. Introducing… Starstepper The Apache Medicine Man

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