Famous Writers talk Ideas! Stephen King, John Irving and Alan Hollinghurst reveal their secrets

How to Forecast the Financials of a Business Plan

How your business will perform financially over a period of three-five years is what financial forecasting all about. Crafting of financial forecast is an essential part for any business plan. It should always be prepared by an expert who has good grasp on financial modeling and crisp presentation.

Two Exercises to Work With the Inner Critic

So often, the inner critic is our own fear of judgement from others that we blame for not making our art public. Actually, it is the battlefield of our creativity, where one side is the ego with its criticisms and opinions about whether or not we are any good at all, and on the other end is our heart, tender and bruised from the careless stomping of the ego, critics, and perhaps well-meaning friends. Should we share our work with others, allow it to see the light of day?

What Artists Get From Creating

This is something that I think everyone who partakes in creativity should remember: what the artist intends might be very different from what the viewer perceives. There is some responsibility of the artist to put something out there that has some order, that makes a bit of sense. Whether the one who views the piece will have a similar experience or thoughts or feelings as the one who created it, we can hope.

I Have a Story to Tell

I think that it is important to realise that depression, that mental illness is the sickness of our time and that everyone is affected by it directly or indirectly. In the following story although mental illness touches someone’s life who is young it has an indirect impact on her family’s lives. You will find mental illness in history, in literature, in social and cultural anthropology and the home that you will always be longing for are the notes of freedom. Mental illness is a dark voyage that you have to conquer like water in wild places. Mental illness is a winter sun. You know that we look at chronic ill health in this world always in a negative light. We are always hoping against hope for recovery. So whenever you are touched by mental illness you have to use the instrument of your mind, you have to build a dialogue with the people that you come into contact with, you have to decipher the sharp, cutting edges of crazy that you come into contact with. Although sometimes you might look upon the reflection in the mirror and say to yourself, ‘That’s not really who I am, the real me.’

How to Begin a Creative Practice

One of the tips that I talk about with other artists, is to decide when writing, or creating in any medium, is convenient for us. Make an appointment with the artist inside. For many of us, if we don’t write things down, then we forget. If we don’t schedule an appointment with our notebook or paints or piano or dance shoes or camera, then days and weeks and months may pass with nary a care to follow the ever-so-quite whisper that we are drawn to heed. ‘Create’, it tells us. ‘Take the time, make the time’.

Heeding the Call to Create

Even if you are not a student of yoga, there is something to the level of concentration needed to create. If we dive inside, then we are offered an opportunity to observe our thoughts, what works for us and what doesn’t, and how our habits may be hindering our creative progress. When you are involved in your art project, how do you feel? Connected? Do you lose track of time?

Types of Science Fiction

There are three main types of science fiction and they are even the focal of some of its sub-genres. Knowing which type you want to write is among the first steps in the writing process. The three types are space, fantasy, and war.

Science Fiction Settings – Top 5 Settings

Wondering which of the science fiction settings to choose? There are five basic science fiction settings that a novelist or screenwriter will use when writing a science fiction novel or screenplay. A setting is where and when the story takes place.

Sci Fi Characters

There are many sci fi characters. This article details 5 sci fi character types. In sci fi novels, there are a few characters that authors and novice readers instantly know.

Writing a Memoir – Writing Tips

Writing a memoir can be an enlightening and emotional experience. When writing a memoir, you are excavating your memory mines to create a complete and compelling story. If you are like most people writing a memoir, you understand the fundamentals of memoir writing and have written several pages but then got stuck and are unsure how to move it along to ensure it is interesting.

Real Vampires – Really?

A thinking woman’s vampire… Every girl loves a vampire. Beautiful, powerful, irresistible creatures that they are, it’s no wonder that they feature prominently in romance novels throughout the world. Add immortality and a lust for blood so strong it all but consumes them, and you have the recipe for any woman’s fantasy.

Notes on Illness

In my creative writing I am always writing about the source of the malaise of mental sickness, the aberration of it, the apparitions that come with it. Why do it anyway? For the people, that one person who seeks solitude for the same reasons I seek it. Hope and deliverance from the darkness that surrounds us all.

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