Fan Fiction

Fan fiction is the term given to any fiction written by fans of an existing work. Fan fiction usually contains a story or series of stories that is based on a book, TV show, video game, comic book or other fictional work. The term fan fiction is often used interchangeably with fan art, but they are two different things. Fan art is when someone draws a picture of something from a book or movie and then puts it on their website or blog as their profile picture. Fan fiction is when someone writes a story based on that same thing and then posts it online.

There are many different types of fan fiction. One of the most popular types is slash fiction. Slash fiction is a type of fan fiction that features a romantic relationship between two characters from a specific book or TV show. Another type is called drabbles. Drabbles are short stories that are under 300 words long.

A third type of fan fiction is called fanfic. This type of fan fiction is a more serious type of story. It is usually written in third person. Some fanfics can be very graphic and involve sex scenes. Other fanfics have no sex at all and just involve violence.

Many people who write fan fiction do so because they love the original work. They want to express themselves and share what they like with others. Others write fan fiction for money. Some people who write fan fiction will sell their fan fiction to publishers. Others will post their fan fiction on websites such as Some people will post their fan fiction on forums. Some people will even submit their fan fiction to magazines and books.

If you are interested in writing fan fiction you should first read the original work. This will give you some idea of what the author was trying to say and how he/she wants you to feel about it. If you are not familiar with the original work you may want to find a book on the topic or watch a movie or play the game. You will probably want to get a good understanding of the characters and plot. Once you have done this you can start writing your own fan fiction.

You should also consider writing fan fiction if you have already written your own novel. Writing fan fiction will help you improve your writing skills. It will also give you ideas for new chapters in your novel. Many writers use fan fiction to practice their writing before publishing their novel.

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