How to Write a Memoir

How to Research for Reliable and Credible Websites

Simple hints and suggestions on how to recognize credible and reliable websites to increase the value of your writing. The quality of your writing depends on your knowledge of the subject. When doing internet research learn to find dependable information.

How Book Shepherds Can Help Authors

I am a proponent of using a book shepherd because there are so many things to know about in the book publishing process and so much is swiftly changing its extremely difficult to keep up with it all. It takes a person with experience to guide you along the way and that’s what a book shepherd does. Hiring a guide is a concept that’s been working for humankind for thousands of years. If you were going to a foreign land and wanted to see and do as much as you could would you read a guide book or hire someone to show you? Consider yourself fortunate if you can afford a book shepherd as it is well worth the money spent.

Proven Techniques for Killing Writer’s Block

All writers have had the unfortunate experience of being stopped cold in our tracks while trying to engage in productive writing. In reality, writer’s block is simply a matter of bad writing habits. But the good news is that we can overcome it quiet easily.

The Entrepreneurial Cat

Transitioning from writing non-fiction to writing fiction can be a major challenge. The experience can also inspire and motivate the writer to spend more time writing.

Writing a Draft – Tips To Keep It Looking Good

How can you make your writing look good? Here are some tips for improving your creative writing by a prolific writer.

Creating Real Drama Through “the Premise”

All dramatic stories have one premise. In fiction, the premise is the conclusion of a fictive argument. That argument is posed and answered in the story.

The Mystery of the Writer’s Muse!

Our minds function in creative ways. Inspiration comes from somewhere, but do we know where? The ancients thought it was from a mythological muse. Were they correct or can inspiration be explained away by a scientific inquiry? There really is more to this hiding place of inspiration than what science today can explain.

Victorian Poetry, Parallels for the 21st Century

Emerging from the upheaval of the Industrial Revolution, Victorian poetry often projects a message of sadness and regret, a longing for but too little faith in a hope for more. Two centuries later readers can still identify with the socio-political climate of the past as well as the themes of its poets.

How to Build Confidence As a Writer

This article provides guidance on how to maintain confidence throughout your writing career. Many writers suffer lapses in their writing, and it’s important to find confidence and continue writing.

The Problem With Conflict in Creative Writing

Conflict is a necessary ingredient for storytelling. Without it, there is no story. The problem is that the word “conflict” is in contradiction with itself, in terms of creative writing.

Writing Effective Polar Shift Scenes to Create Sustainable Drama

Writing effective scenes begins with utilizing the concept of “polar shifting”. Polar shifting creates drama by reversing the circumstances the characters face at the start of the scene to the time it finishes.

Writing a Book That Will Sell

We all have our own special recollections of life and romance as well as special skills which means we all have the material of a writer within our grasp. Writing is a skill just like any other which can be practise so easily on the internet and thanks to ebooks is within the grasp of us all.

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