Get Your Script Noticed in Screenplay Contests

If you are just starting off as a screenwriter, you are pitted against thousands of other writers who have the same dream: writing that very special script that will get made into a movie featuring major stars. But getting the right agent or connections is always a matter of chance, and top movie producers all have their pool of professional screenwriters whom they have worked with in the past. So, as an unknown writer, how do you get your script noticed? Screenplay contests give you the chance to submit your work and have it read and reviewed by the experts in the industry. When you enter screenplay contests, especially the largest and most prestigious ones, it gives you the opportunity to get your script into the hands of people who are currently working in the movie and television industry, as most of the judges of the top screenwriting contests are industry professionals. So even if you don’t win the contest, just getting your screenplay read by these people could help you get your movie made.  And of course, the more contests you enter, the greater your chances are of winning a prize and getting noticed.

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