Tips For Writing Better Descriptive Prose

Fiction writing is an acquired talent; one that even born storytellers have to work at. And the first lesson to learn is that descriptive prose needs to be kept in check if you want to write and publish a book successfully. There are right and wrong places for it to flourish.

Feeling a Story As You Walk the Memoir Labyrinth

With a memory of substance in mind, start your walk through the memoir labyrinth. Hold on to that memory while distancing yourself from it emotionally. Look at what your mother is doing in the particular memory, but now don’t attach your feelings to the image… In the next couple frames, you see your mother’s body snap back and tense up…

Tips On Writing – Do Marketing and Art Go Together?

Can marketing and art coexist? Many artists and writers talk about how awful marketing and marketers are and how sad it was that artists had to rely on it and them. They are, at the very least, concerned that those who promote and market the product of creative artists gain the wealth and those who produce it are cast aside, etc. However, if you don’t get your art “to the market” no one will ever see it.

Conflict and Its Importance in a Novel

What is a great book without conflict? Just a book of course! Great books ooze with conflict. Almost every page has something going on that makes you want to turn the next page. Can you name me a great book that doesn’t have any conflict? I can’t. And yet so many debut authors don’t pay enough attention to this subject. There are so many other things they are trying to get right that they forget one of the major ingredients of the story.

Writing Fiction: Stalking the Perfect Springboard

It seems that whether you’re just starting out or have been at it for quite a while, there’s always the same vexing question: “How can I tell if I’m truly on the verge?” Though there is no tried and true answer, over the years some coaches, teachers and seasoned pros have offered a few suggestions.

Getting Published: Is The Slush Pile A Nice Place To Visit Or Manuscript Limbo?

Does the never-ending spiral of “Can’t get a publisher without an agent,” and “Can’t get an agent without a publisher,” have your head spinning? Find publishers who are actively seeking manuscripts submitted by authors. Learn exactly what agents and publishers want. The president of the Evan Marshall agency, expert on fiction writing, and acclaimed author, gives you everything you need to write a best-seller and get it published.

How to Create Valuable Content for Your Subscribers?

Before starting to write your email, you should always segment the emailing campaigns into several types, just like you must do with your subscriber’s list. There are several types of emailing content, according to every industry, but I am going to write about 3 main types of content that you should use in your emailing campaigns. Note that I am going to write only about campaigns sent to your prospects lists and not emails sent to existing customers.

Unus Mundus

Creative writing is about separating yourself from a reality that could be deemed predictable and creating a fresh stream of consciousness within a new reality, a new world all yours and ultimately one your reader will eagerly share. Studying the writings of scientists and philosophers and advanced thinkers such a Carl Jung adds to your tools as you go about creating fresh scenes and dynamic characters. The following is an exercise in creating an alternate reality. Unus Mundus is the idea put forth by Carl Jung that a person is both embedded in an orderly framework and the focus of an orderly framework, and that the realisation is more than just an intellectual exercise, but also has elements of a spiritual awakening.

Use Familiar Surroundings to Write Reality Into Fantasy

Cook’s Forest PA is a beautiful state park about two hours from my home here in Northeast Ohio. My family and I often spend our summer vacations camping there, as it’s an affordable and fun location. I love hiking beneath the deep green canopy of the Appalachian foothills, surrounded by the endless chattering of birds and scurrying of small forest animals.

Writing Fiction: Ten Vital Points To Know Before You Begin Writing Your Novel

Learn the 10 vital things you must know before you begin writing your novel. Writing a best-seller isn’t a secret. It involves, the desire to learn your craft, the willingness to do the work, and the determination to succeed. If you provide the willingness and determination, we can get you to the finish line.

Become A Better Writer With 4 Simple Tips

Are you looking to become a better writer, and need a guide in the right direction? Then be sure to read this!

How to Start an Effective Creative Writing Piece

When it comes to writing, whatever it is, an article, a chapter in a book or a whole book, one of the most difficult things to do is to actually get started. So what are the tricks and techniques required to spark that creative fire? Strange as it may seem it might just start at the planning stage.

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