3 Ways to Motivate Yourself To Write More

Book Ghostwriter

Business owners and professionals hire a book ghostwriter to help market their business. A book ghostwriter helps their client to be viewed as a professional in their field by writing a top-quality book in their industry. Nowadays, a trend is developing, where people are realizing the worth of hiring ghostwriters to get their jobs done.

Online Journaling Sites: Places to Write Your Life Story

The explosion in popularity of Internet social networking sites such as Facebook have also led to an increased interest in online journaling sites. Although Facebook and Twitter allow you to share pictures or ultra-brief observations of life events, neither is especially suited for providing any chronological detail or color to a true-life story. Online journaling sites, by contrast, let you log in as many details as you would like, and to turn the stories of your life into a grand event. Pictures may say a thousand words, but journals are a much better application in being mindful when the cameras are not flashing. Here are some ideas for where and how to get started.

Stand Up Comedy Writing

Stand up comedy writing is a personal form of writing. Stand up comedy writing is most often specific to the performer. It a spontaneous performing art and should always be focused on the performer’s ability to deliver the joke based on who their personality and who they are.

Creative Writing Services

Creative writing services help writers turn their creative ideas and writing into a complete screenplay, novel, short story, song, or other creative work. Many people have great ideas for a creative writing project but do not have the experience to write a complete manuscript, which is why they hire creative writing services. For stories, creative writing requires an adept understanding of structure, character creation, plot, dialogue, and more.

Comedy Writing

Comedy writing is a creative art form, but making others laugh is challenging for most. Comedy writing is a real challenge and if you want to be a comedy writer, then you need to learn a lot of tricks, but if you lack that comedy nerve, you will need to put more effort into producing good comedy. There are few tips that a writer can follow while preparing a comedy writing piece.

Writing Stand Up Comedy

Writing stand up comedy has become a huge business that creates laughter among crows. Writing stand up comedy can be beneficial as it is quite a rewarding profession, which can get you famous and go higher. The ability to make people laugh is itself a good deed and you should feel pretty good about it.

Comedy Writer

A comedy writer is the driving force behind all comedies, including stand up comedy and the comedy screenplays you see on TV every day. Laughing is not a big deal, but making others laugh is what matters, and a comedy writer can accomplish this. Some centuries ago, comedians weren’t taken seriously and in a bad way.

Comedy Writer

For a comedy writer, maintaining timing in the comedy writing is something an article can’t solely teach you. It takes more than reading online guides to master the stage timing, but you can still use some tips on how to develop timing in comedic writing. All comedy writers who are trying to master this art should follow these tips.

A Writer’s Rant

The writing world, like that of many entertainment industries, is a difficult, if not impossible, ceiling to reach. It’s a club, a closed society who peers down on wannabes with pity in their eyes. After hours of deliberating over your work, having it critiqued by others, you face the challenges of being subjected to more of the same from your literary agent, if you’re fortunate enough to get one to represent you. Is all this necessary? Yes. No.

You Need A Fresh Pair Of Eyes – Advantages Of Getting Your Work Edited

Writing brings together a number of skills from the stage of conceptualization to the point you hit your final full stop. Most of these skills are possessed by decent writers. Of the skills and tricks necessary for a writer to possess the most elusive is the ability to properly edit one’s own writing. It may seem strangely untrue because any writer that knows his onions has an eye for errors while reading any piece of writing. Make no mistake about it; a writer is the worst editor of his own work.

Proofreading Services – Why Do You Require Them?

The internet is flooded with all sorts of information published by various sources online. With an abundance of information published online, it has now become important to ensure that the content published is grammatically and technically correct.

How Long Should a Chapter Be In a Novel?

The average novel is 90,000 words. The average length a chapter is… there is no set rule. A chapter should be long enough to cover the subject at hand.

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