How to Get Back Into Writing (After You’ve Lost It)

Writing This Novel Is Going Slower Than I Thought – Tips For Speeding Up Your Creative Process

Writing a novel or any eBook to self publish does not have to be a long, arduous one. Remember this is the most important point if you want to be published quickly. eBook publishers will more quickly accept shorter books than a print publisher would consider, or of course you can self publish it yourself.

How to Hook an Editor With Your Opening Paragraph

Want to publish your short story? Then learn how to hook an editor in this article.

Five Places to Find a Plot for Your Novel

Writers are fond of exclaiming “Everything’s been done!” They’re wrong, of course. With every new day, new stories appear across the globe.

Learning To Use Your Imagination

At the moment I am too rational. As I am too rational, I become rigid and seriously focused on what I am doing, like work in the office, objective tests, exact figures, and editing manuscripts. However, as I am a writer I need to be creative.

Things to Mind in Academic Writing

When it comes to academic writing, the main purpose of the writer is to deliver an impression on the reader that confirms the intellect as well as the comprehensibility of the writer. Academic writing could sound to be more than a headache to some students and this is where the academic writing services can help them secure the level of grades they are looking for.

The Unconscious Influence of Kafka on the Modern Writer

Kafka wrote disturbing and odd fiction from his heart. It expressed his internal conflict in a way only understood by our unconscious mind. And similarly modern avant-garde artists seem to do a similar thing, sometimes without even knowing that they are giving a tribute to Kafka while doing that.

Our Story Begins

April 7th, 2013 – Every book, play and movie has a beginning. Sometimes the beginning is a glimpse into the future, other times it’s an event that has already taken place.

Quick Ideas for Creative Writing in the Classroom

This is a brief list of ideas that teachers can use to get their students do some creative writing. They are quick and easy and can be fit into the rigorous curriculum that teachers are trying to tackle.

How to Give and Receive Writing Feedback With Critique Groups

Joining a critique group to get and give creative writing feedback can be nerve-wracking. Following this simple advice will help you navigate the experience and reduce your fear.

Save the Cat

The term “Save the Cat” or “Kick the Cat” is a term used to describe a good or bad deed done by the protagonist, villain, and/or anti-hero. This helps provide audiences and readers with insight to your character(s) personality, and helps them decide whether they like, or don’t like, the character. This is a powerful tool writers should use in their work, however it is all too frequently omitted. A “Save the Cat” or “Kick the Cat” scene can dramatically improve your project and leave a strong emotional impact on readers and audiences.

4 Elements Every Novel or Movie Must Have

There are at least four elements of every book and movie. The first is conflict.

Simple Tips For Effective Content Writing

With the advent of web-ruled professional organizations, content writers are one of the ‘cannot do without’ people these days. Be it marketing your products & services, or reaching out to business clients/customers, content writing forms the locus point of all business linked & web based communication. But, in order to unwrap the various opportunities that this career option holds, one needs to be – not just an above-notch writer, but an effective one.

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