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Book Editing, Ghost Writing, or Rewriting Services: Which Do You Need?

When you need a writer to assist with your manuscript, you enter a world of often confusing terms – book editing, rewriting, ghostwriting, proofreading, and more. Exactly what does each offer?

How You Can Market Your Short Stories Online

The web provides a remarkable medium for marketing short stories. The basic formula is this: Give away a few advertised, high quality, free, short stories and offer other short stories online for sale. Here are some of the specific procedures.

How To Find the Best Person for Rewriting Your Manuscript

Writing help is available in a variety of types a and wide range of qualities of service. Here are some tips to help you determine what level of writing help you need and how to find a quality rewriting expert.

Seven Hints for Writing Short Stories

When asked how long it would take for him to prepare a speech, a great orator once responded, “If I have two hours to speak, I’m ready now. If I only have only 15 minutes, give me a week.” Writing is like that. The shorter the piece, the more precisely it must be planned and rendered. Here are several hints that should help when writing the short story.

Writing Short Stories With A Twist

It is reported that Alfred Hitchcock loved the short story as a literary medium because it lends itself so well to creating unforeseen twists. Here are six hints for creating short stories with a twist.

Hints For Writing Very Short Stories

Crafting very short stories presents several special challenges. The new demand for these pieces to be used on the web makes it a useful form of writing to master. Here are six hints to keep in mind.

Should Authors Use “Um” And “Uh” In Their Dialogues?

Now, uh, where was I? Oh yes! Now I remember. Everyone at time stumbles with the words that come out of their mouths in real life. So why shouldn’t your characters in story do the same? Of course some characters are more eloquent than others, but if you ignore the simple things that people do from time to time, you simply cannot expect to write convincing, natural dialogue that readers will believe.

Creative Writing Service

A creative writing service is the key to optimizing the effect of your written words on the target audience. This becomes particularly important when you are writing in a field which is highly competitive (think blogging, for example). It should be light and engage the reader, regardless of the topic.

Mystery Writer

The journey of a mystery writer is satisfying because the writer creates mystery stories in which he or she can escape into an exciting world. Few categories of fiction are as successful and wide-spread as mystery. Irrespective of the ebb and flow of trends, mystery novels and screenplays remain popularity, and professional mystery authors are in great demand.

Mystery Writing

Mystery writing is perhaps the most creative forms of writing. Successful authors of this vibrant genre tend to be observant and intelligent. The task of handling such a literature calls for an inquisitive mind as well as a love for writing and solving problems.

Horror Writers

Horror writers can jump start their horror writing careers if they are well armed with the know-how of this especially-loved but repulse provoking genre. The trick lies in eliciting feelings of disgust, fear, horror and abhorrence from the readers.

Sci Fi Writing

The genre of sci fi writing has been nicknamed the “what if genre” because the writing is based purely on speculations about the consequences of scientific progression. It is basically futuristic in form and examines the impact of technology on individuals as well as on communities. The setting of science fiction novels and screenplays is diverse from known realism, depending more on suspense and disbelief than veracity.

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