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Why Not Give Up the Day Job?

As writers we are often told not to give up our day jobs. But sometimes quitting your job can have huge benefits to your writing and your life. You can also make a living in various freelance ways.

A Cry From Above

[12:09 NOON] It was raining, but the trade winds came and swept away my might. The skies split thunderously like a roaring lion. I peeped through the window and I was given an instantaneous “selfie” by the flashy lights of the heavens.

Common Mistakes in Forum Writing

Writing on a forum, particularly creative writing, is quite different than writing in almost any other venue. For the sake of this article, I will focus on one main difference and the mistakes that are typically made based on that difference. The good news is, these are small mistakes, they do minimal damage, and are easy to avoid.

3 Successful Approaches To Consistent Content Creation

Everyone has a different approach to creative projects. I’ve worked with a lot of clients, and there isn’t a one-size-fits all solution to getting it done. Some people are great with structure and planning while others are okay with a more seat-of-your pants approach.

Writing Retreat

I was not sure where I was going. But I was certain that I wanted to be a writer. Setting off on the road to our Retreat, we were filled with excitement and enthusiasm.

What Makes a Great Content Writer?

Content writing is an art, which is conceptualized towards creating exceptional pathways for the success of a company on global basis. By this, it means that the content writers are specialized professionals willing to assist the companies in formulating their market goodwill. In fact, the skills have to be developed in the writers with the support of analytical mind and a constant awareness on changing technical trends.

Philosophical Reflections on Humanism

Humanism was once upon a time elevated and exalted and it meant: the central focus of thought was the essence to be human, the concern for the human, the very concern of being human. What I would like to do in this essay narrative is to blend the Marxian concept of ‘dialectical materialism’ and translate its conceptions to a discourse of thinking which can be called as dialectical materialistic humanism. Through the modes operandi of dialectical materialistic humanism, I would like humanize various discourses and philosophical strands of thought.

Stand Up Comedy Advice – Performing

This article provides stand up comedy advice for comedians. Our stand up comedy advice can help you to perform your stand up comedy act better. There is a difference between finding the funny and finding the humor in a situation.

Philosophical Perspectives on Literature

Literature with the start of the 1970’s underwent a sea of change. Literature started to be influenced with the strands of Philosophical thought. Here I would like to philosophize literature from the various readings I have collected.

The Creative Expansion of Truth

There are numerous categories of writings and writers; fiction, non-fiction, and technical, to name a few. Post-modern literature showcases remarkable authors that are wonderfully able to present non-fiction story-lines with fictional embellishment. This is a very shallow dive into that art of The Creative Expansion of Truth.

Two Rules to Follow to Write Good Fiction

There are lots of rules and tips to follow to improve your fiction writing, but here are two that often get overlooked: the truth, and the threat of death. I will explain exactly what I mean by these.

Stopping the Plague of Bad Fiction Writing

There’s a plague out there, a plague of awful fiction writing. While eBooks and Amazon Kindle and CreateSpace have allowed more and more to share their voice and vision, it also means that we are now drowning in a sea of bad writing. Here are a few tips to improve your fiction writing and maybe even help you get published by a real publisher.

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