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How To Answer The Question At A Writers Workshop: “Does Anyone Here Want To Become Rich And Famous?”

At a recent Writers Workshop which I attended in London, one of the delegates asked this question of all of us who sat at my table: “Is there anybody here who wants to become rich and famous?” A silence followed, of about three seconds duration, when it seemed that no writer present dared to admit to this hubris.

When is Historical Fiction More Truthful than Real History?

There are some things you cannot say in real life due to upsetting folks or making a truism that offends the politically correct. However, by not saying it at all you do is sweep the real problems, and animosity under the carpet. This only furthers the problems down the road, and that dirt will come out from under the carpet at the most inopportune time, as it is Murphy’s Law.

Interview With John Reyer Afamasaga on GUIOPERA IV Pilot, “Novice Aspiration”

John Reyer Afamasaga, author of the GUIOPERA book series, discusses his upcoming GUIOPERA IV to be published serially online in the fall of 2011, and the series pilot he recently published in June 2011. Afamasaga also reveals his plans for upcoming GUIOPERA productions as well as discusses rumors about his past.

Can a Beginning Author Be a Professional?

Most of desire to be professionals at what we do. For new fiction writers, is that possible?

How Your Writing Style Could Be Damaging Your Writing Process

Writing styles like, speeches or public speaking, take on or should take on their own persona. This is after all how one writer, speaker or communicator is differentiated from another. Without an individual writing style how can writers connect with their own audience and establish a symbiotic relationship. A relationship where what the writer writes his audience wants to read and in a style that satisfies their needs.

Why Write Your Family Story?

There are countless numbers of reasons to write your family story. Whether you think your family story is worth recording or not, read on. The four reasons noted here may make you think twice about that opinion.

How to Create Characters for Your Book

Sometimes its hard to come up with the right set of characters for the book you’re writing. This article was written to help you come up with character ideas.

How to Write a Plot

It can be a struggle coming up with a plot for a new book. This article explains in depth how to come up with an engaging plot for your book.

Why I Love to Write Romance: A Romance Rebel Tells All

Bestselling author Dana Michelle Burnett reveals how to write romances for today’s audiences. Learn how to become a romance rebel.

My Thoughts On Writing Novels

Millions of books have been written; stories have been told and retold. So why are people still writing? Some seek fame and fortune. I write because, I am driven by my muse and I love to write. Why else would I get up at three o’clock every morning, seven days a week, to write, edit, and use my PC to research? I certainly would not work this hard for fame, or money, both of which are fragile, fleeting things. I assume, you are either a reader, who enjoys reading about authors, or you are now writing, or you are thinking about it, and hope to gain something useful. If you want to learn to write, there are teachers out there, in college, in correspondence courses, on the internet, and in hundreds of books.

Develop Your Creative Writing Skills

Creative writing can be one of the most absorbing and enjoyable activities that you can have. And if you prove to be particularly talented at it, then you can move on to actually making a career from such work.

Writing Fiction For Publishing Or Pleasure

Ever since I was a child, I loved becoming engrossed in a fantastic story. There are many genres of books that I enjoy, but writing fiction has always been a hobby of mine, and one which I have enjoyed throughout my life.

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