How to Write a Book: 13 Steps From a Bestselling Author

The Uses and Misuses Of Apostrophes And How To Make Your Writing User-Friendly

Writers need to understand how to use punctuation marks properly in order to facilitate the easy understanding of what is written about. Without proper punctuation, writing would become a difficult for a writer to have his writing understood by the reader.

Writing Tips – When to Place a Paragraph Break

When placed correctly, paragraphs can act as stepping stones, leading your reader along a logical yet intriguing path, with each paragraph revealing one more essential piece of information. This article explains how to place paragraph breaks in order to give your balance and continuity to your story while engaging your reader’s interest.

How to Choose Names for Your Characters Part 1

You might think that choosing names for your characters is a pretty mundane and unimportant task, but you’d be wrong. The name you give your character can provide an immediate impression to your readers of who they are. Think that’s an exaggeration?

How to Get Started Writing Children’s Books!

So you want to write books for children, but do you know how to get started? As with all books you need to know a number of things before you start writing.

How To Choose a Good Creative Writing Course!

Choosing a creative writing course may seem easy, but there are lots of important points to think about before making a final decision. Putting a little effort into research at this stage can save a lot of heartache, and wasted money, later.

Different Types of Short Fiction

The different forms of fiction have evolved in many ways over the years. Short forms of fiction are becoming more the norm, as readers are becoming more accustomed to the short and fast paced forms of fiction.

How to Choose Names for Your Characters Part 2

Where to find names for your characters If you’ve read part 1 you’ll know how important it is to choose an appropriate name for your character. Now we’ll look at where you can find inspiration for those names and there’s no shortage of places to look. Maps and sign posts Place names make great surnames and you’ve an endless supply to choose from – simply keep your eyes open when you are walking around or take a map, stick a pin in and see what you get.

Tips for Writing a Science-Fiction Book

Science-fiction is a popular genre. It can be fun, exciting and -if you’re lucky- can bend your imagination to unthinkable limits. However, writing in this genre may not be as easy as you think. Here are some tips to ensure your science-fiction book is as strong as you want it to be.

Using Online Article Writing to Tell a Fictional Story

As many of us consider writing a novel sometime in our lives, and we have a story that we’ve been working up in our brains – it’s a story worth telling; one with trials and tribulations, meaningful characters, and a plot which twists and turns. It’s amazing how many people I meet, who wish to someday write a novel, but they may never do it, they just don’t have the time. Some of these would-be writers and potential authors have many stories in their mind, many great tales to tell. I have a solution for them – it’s one I’ve discovered myself.

Short Story Writing – How to Write Natural Dialogue

Writing natural-sounding dialogue is one of the most challenging aspects of creative writing. But when written correctly, dialogue will give extra dimension and authenticity to your story. This article shows you how to develop an authentic speaking tone for each of your characters, enhancing their personality and strengthening their interaction with other characters in the story.

How I Became a Writer While Living on a Greek Island

This article will tell the story of how I was inspired to become a writer while living on a Greek Island. It was when I met a writer from San Francisco. Her name is Vivian Abe.

Short Story Writing – Create Believable Characters To Drive Your Plot

Your plot will have greater dimension and energy if your characters come across as real and convincing people. Readers will care more about what happens if they believe they are reading about real people. This article discusses how to make your characters interact with your plot and with each other, so your story is logical and compelling to read.

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