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Experiences Color Artistic Lenses

If you have a dozen people look at the same thing, chances are you’ll get a dozen different descriptions or thoughts on what the object is. And it is with this unique lens that everyone sees things differently. Without those different perspectives and life filters, we would all have the same view of everything. Talk about boring! I invite you to try out the exercises below. You just might like what your imagination offers up.

Marinating the Senses for Creativity

It is from these sometimes quiet, sometimes intense, or even accidental observations that give rise to words, songs, dance moves, or a mixture of color on a canvas. Only your senses can pick up the nuances of certain objects, because your interpretations are unique. I believe that everyone has the ability to be an artist. Those that allow their creative side to show itself are the ones who are a bit more curious, more observant.

Some Consuming Aspects of Creativity

Sometimes, our dance with creativity seems to be easy, and other times there is a hesitation due to the consuming nature of an artistic project. It might take us months to complete a manuscript or chapbook. Granted, we first have to make peace with our inner critic, and the battle may leave both of us bloodied. If we don’t find a way to placate the critic, it affects how the words flow onto the page, the colors onto the canvas, the notes from the instrument. For every project we take on (or, rather, for each one that consumes us for the duration of its birthing), there is something of ourselves that is revealed, a piece that is exposed.

Reading: A Milestone in Writing

According to Richard Pecks, nobody but a reader ever became a writer. Reading is a landmark, a stepping stone in writing. This article will teach you how to evaluate and criticize just about any kind of book you read which would go a long way to honing your writing skills

What’s Possible When You Tell the Truth?

Find out how writing your story about something tragic that has happened can open you up to more love in your life. Write your story and heal your life.

A Different Kind Of Artistic Collaboration

One type of collaboration is working with another artist, perhaps one that plays with a different medium, in order to add your personal flair. Stretching that definition means taking something someone else has done (a painting, a dance, a play, a poem, a song) and reworking it into your chosen medium.

How Big Is Your Creativity Dream?

There are many avenues available these days to share one’s work. Numerous factors affect the output of whatever medium the artist uses. Time. Energy. Motivation. Life. Payment. So much is available for free, and even though it has been reported that a very few can live off of love itself, artists need to decide how big they want to dream.

Try on Something New With Creativity

Will I always want to do what my characters do, be interested in what they like? Or are the characters colored from my preferences? I believe that every one of us has the ability to create, but not all explore that part of themselves. The push to try sketching with chalk gives me an opportunity to try on something new.

Creativity Groups

A group like this has many advantages: it invites us to take a break from our current projects, we have the opportunity to meet other writers, we are offered a chance to ‘play’, and we get to build our confidence with public speaking by reading our work. The group doesn’t start late or run over, thus respecting people’s time.

How to Become a Good Freelance Writer?

Starting off as a freelance writer can be a difficult task. First of all, everyone around you will give you the ‘That’s not a real job’ expression and even after you convince them that people do make a fine living by freelancing, it actually takes a lot of hard and smart work to get the ball rolling.

Take Creative Writing Courses Online To Discover The Writer Within You

Did you always want to become a writer? Well, you are not an exception. There are thousands of individuals out there who purse the dream of becoming a creative writer. If you too have decided to opt for a career in creative writing, you can enroll in one of the many creative writing courses online.

Creative License to Borrow

The first thing art teachers or English teachers or creativity coaches suggest to students is to read everything we can in the genre in which we’re interested in writing, study the painters or sculptors or dancers or musicians that emulate the medium we’re curious about exploring. We become interested in a particular style for numerous reasons and often attempt to stretch the creative idea of the artist(s) we enjoy, which means we borrow their passion as a jumping off point, but by adding our own flair we make it ours.

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