How to Publish a Book in 2021 (Based on 45+ Years of Experience)

Using Physical Movement to Inspire Writing

This article is inspired by Wayne McGregor’s Ted Talk entitled – A choreographer’s creative process in realtime. McGregor has been a dancer since childhood and he found his creative expression when he was able to invent dances and teach those to other people. He uses the phrase – ‘Misbehave More Beautifully” to express how he looks at his art.

Want to Find Out How to Write a Best Seller in 5 Easy Steps?

The Internet and eBooks have made it easier than ever for people to fulfil their ambitions and get a book published. But judging by some of the books out there that may not be a good thing. So how do you get to the stage of completing a book and then hopefully selling it? This article provides some advice to help you get started.

Writing Fiction – Part Two: What If?

In Part One I suggested you write a story based in some part on your own experiences. Now I want you to try to take your story in a different direction by using the simple question ‘What if?’ My first novel was inspired by a TV documentary on homeless people living underground in a city somewhere.

Five Reasons to Write

The written word has the power to transform us. From the dawn of time, stories have shaped our world. They have moved us and inspired us to make love, to forge peace, and to wage war.

How To Write Short Stories For Kids – 7 Steps

The basic steps you need to follow when writing short stories for children in order to have character and conflict, plot and dialogue, setting and scenes, write and revise and all in just three pages. I genuinely believe a good story is made of 10% inspiration and the rest are just basic steps accomplished.

Look at What I Was About to Miss

His first words were, “Look, what I was about to miss.” He took a chair and sat down. The next thing I heard was my father say was, “Heavenly Father, we humbly thank thee for this food we are about to receive and for the hands of the one who prepared it. Use it for the nourishment of our bodies in Jesus name. Amen.

Writing To Promote For Profit

Using the correct plan for writing will make you article stand out. It will attract your readers and keep them wanting more. Follow the plan and you will be successful.

Writing About Evil

Writing about evil should be more than listing heinous acts, it must also involve deep, psychological character portrayal. To create a convincing narrative, we need to depict the darker side of human nature.

10 Famous Authors Who Survived Rejections

We all love to write and we want to be published. We are often inspired by the success of famous authors. But many of the most successful went through a tough apprenticeship, writing in their spare time and dealing with rejections. Here are some examples that should inspire you to keep going.

Memoir Writing Services – Preserve Your Life Story

Memoir writing services offer you an opportunity to leave a family legacy by structuring the celebrations and significant milestones of your life in well-documented and organized memoirs. All of us wish to make our lives interesting with unique memories, thoughts, and insights. A national trust survey revealed that more than 57 percent of people failed to name their own great grandparents.

Memoir Writing Services

Memoir writing services have become popular because people love to save and share the chapters of their lives. Memoir writing services are used by people who desire to keep their past alive for future generations. Since most people do not have the time or experience to write effective memoirs, a ghostwriter is a viable option.

Corruption Landscaped!

The earth was in the most imperfect state when it evolved some billions of years ago. Barring some ill-effect of pollution which is being harnessed, the Earth is slowly but steadily getting converted into a paradise. Means may be questionable but the end-result is amazing. Do not we add impurities in metal for germination; inferior metal into gold for getting shaping and beautifying? Corruption generates money which is being generously utilized in real estate.

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