How to Write a Short Story in 6 Steps

Memoir Writers – Memories

Memoir writers sometimes write a memoir and discover that when their family reads the memoir, there is some disagreement about the accuracy of events and life stories. If you are like most families, there is probably disagreement between how you remember certain events and how your siblings remember certain events. Your brother or sister may remember the details of a family story differently than how you remember the same story.

What Is a Memoir?

Memoir is different than autobiography and biography. Rather, memoir is your memory of events, organized in writing.

Writing a Memoir

When writing a memoir, it is important to write with faith. Do not be detracted or stifled by others who say that writing a memoir is a waste of time and that it won’t ever be published. There is a significant market for memoir writing and, equally if not more importantly, memoir writing ensures you will have a written record of your life story.

Writing Your Memoir

Writing your memoir is the duty of everyone who has a story worth sharing and preserving. Writing your memoir can produce memoirs that can be shared with your family and friends and published and sold for profit to the general public. In every life, there are special events and occasions – some good and bad experiences – that need to be shared in writing so it can be shared with the world as a legacy.

Practical Tips on Writing Great Essays

You don’t have to resort to hiring someone to create your essay if you can learn even the basic writing skills involved in making essays. Here are some practical tips you can use in writing your essays.

Four Places to Find a Great Story

Now that you’ve decided to try your hand at writing a novel, the next step is to confront page one. What will you write? You need a story that will hold the reader’s attention. Here are four places to look for a compelling tale.

Start a Home Based Ghost Writing Business That Works

Building Up a Portfolio: It’s virtually impossible to find clients without being able to show them examples of your previous work. So – before you even think about approaching your first paying clients you’re going to need to build up a small portfolio. Don’t worry – it’s pretty easy to do and I’m going to show you right now exactly what I would do.

The Dreamer

Night had fallen, the small attic apartment was silent. Kandi who had just settled into bed, picked up her little TV remote off the night stand and began flicking through different television programs. Her mood was completely calm as she waited for her program to come on. Bedtime was usually enjoyable in comparison to her normally hectic day. The large bedroom at the back of the attic where Kandi slept was always hot. It was so hot that bought a small air conditioner to put in the tiny window adjacent to her bed. The air conditioner was just enough to cool her room, and the very small bathroom directly across from it.

A Writer’s Market: October Is National Collector’s Month

Are you a collector of something tangible like coins, stamps, trading cards, silverware, Depression glass, books, jewelry, art, old toys, model cars, fountain pens or salt and pepper shakers? How long have you been a collector? Did you inherit any of your collections?

How to Write a Good Novel

Do you want to write a good novel? Several writing tutorials help writers learn how to write a good novel. A good writing tutorial offering you tips on how to write a good novel will only offer you guidance and not false hopes.

Are You A Foamer Or A Piker? Metaphors Matter

Metaphors may be a writer’s best tool, primarily because they create a vivid mental picture, sometimes worth more than a thousand words. John McGhee’s description of another writer’s sharp sophistication was described this way: “His words wore spats.” Brilliant. But sometimes metaphors can be misleading and even hurtful, and that’s a huge problem in our political and business landscape.

How to Write Erotica

They say you should write about what you know. But, where erotica is concerned you may have to waive this rule. Unless, you have a wide range of personal experience to draw on, you’ll have to either ask someone who does, get yourself a stack of successful erotic books to read, go online and educate yourself or make an educated guess about what might occur in many of the scenarios you write about.

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