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Use Language Properly in Fiction Writing

Using language to express thoughts is the excellent writers aim. Understand the effect of tone and word selection on the reader. Keep in mind your target audience’s language abilities. Discover how proper language selection enhances your work.

5 Basic Tips For Writing Fiction Dialog

Most works of fiction contain dialog. By using dialog, the writer is able to reduce the role of the narrator. It also give freedom in the choice of language as each character can say whatever he likes.

9 Tips For Writing Fiction Narrative

The creation of great narrative in a novel is an art. Learn ways to increase your effectiveness by writing great narrative and using appropriate functions in your word processor. Here are 9 tips to help in that process.

Which Form of Fiction Writing to Use?

Writers have unlimited freedom in their choice of writing. However, selection of the most appropriate form and style will help in making the work more readable and understood. Learn the various styles and forms and apply them well.

Which Person Should I Write In?

The choice of which person to write in should be taken early. There are pros and cons to writing in first, second and third person. Understand and exploit the approach you choose. It is especially important for the narrator.

How to Prioritize When Writing

The process of producing a work of fiction takes many steps. Each step takes time. However nothing will result if the writer does not write anything. Many writers, particularly first time or part time writers, find that there are many distractions and the writing seems to take forever. Learn how to get over these and writing will be fun!

How to Write a Detective Novel

For many people the detective novel is the most interesting novel and often the only genre that they read. If you have aspirations of becoming a writer of detective novels, create a unique detective who is smarter then the rest!

How to Develop a Plot for a Novel

All writers need to develop a plot for their novel. Plan your approach and it will save time later. Learn the best way for you.

How to Select Characters for a Novel

Characters bring interest and vitality to a novel. They allow the writer freedom to show with activity and speech the unfolding story. Learn the art of developing good and evil characters.

How Writers Get the Language Right

The writers communication tool is language. People who read enjoy a one way conversation with the writer. As a writer get to know the language that you use for writing and develop deep understanding of grammar and the language in the context of your writings.

How to Write a Great Scene

Great writers write novels with many great scenes. Discover an approach that helps you generate compelling reading and your novels will be a success. A simple approach for writing compelling scenes is suggested.

How to Write the Best Romantic Novel of 2011

Every year thousands and thousands of romantic novels are published around the world, and hardly one percent of those make it as a best-seller, and out of that, only ten percent are worth saying “they were really good and moving.” I am sure every novel of Nora Roberts is filled with tears, joy and emotions, but I am talking about those others that lack a lot of substance and value in their story, but those books get published only for one reason: established authors.

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