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Critical Analysis of Sartre’s Being and Nothingness

It’s critical analysis of Jean Paul Sartre’s magnum opus: being and nothingness. The structures of ontological being like being in itself, being for itself and being for others are examined in light of Christian apology.

Collection of Nascent Idioms

It’s a collection of new idioms. I have used the Bible, the Media and lot of other sources to generate it.

Confessions From A Literary And Philosophical Self

These confessions trace the origin of an institution that is marriage. Also closely related are the various forms of sexuality. The article also takes the stand point of literature, philosophy and Christian apology.

Critical Analysis of Heidegger’s Terms

It explores the Philosophy of Martin Heidegger. His philosophical concepts are analyzed critically.

The Components of a Short Story

This article will look at the major components of writing short stories in creative writing. It will discuss the importance of character, plot, conflict and setting.

Written Expositions Through Country Music Videos’ Elements

Some contemporary innovative approaches that are substantial for students’ enthusiastic engagement are guided writing tasks attuned to celluloid that exists in the YouTube. These endow the employment of springboards to discover learning concomitant with visuals and sound components specifically, the streaming YouTube’s English country music videos. With the nature of these materials, technology and multimedia forms are crucial instruments in facilitating the performance of these writing projects. In here, these types of writing are perceived as rewriting thoughts for they have been basically constructed for public entertainment prior to their innovation as possible tools for listening -viewing and writing instructions. This recommendation could serve varied levels of language learners dependent on how teacher interplays the tasks with correspondingly prepared expected learning outcomes aligned with specific language program.

How to Discover and Hone Your Voice As a Creative Writer

Voice in writing is an important aspect of the writing process. Discover how to develop a distinct voice in your writing.

What Is Commonplacing?

Whilst “commonplace books” were popular in the 17th and 18th centuries, the advent of industrialization seems to have diminished their value somewhat. Today, commonplaces are generally kept on computers, but are a lost art… replaced with email, chat applications and social networks. In this article, I will explain the value of commonplacing and how you can use one to accelerate your learning / growth.

Forms of Catharsis

Aristotle invented catharsis. I have introduced various forms of catharsis one encounters while listening to music, seeing art, writing and reading.

Metaphysical Attributes

It’s an explanation of metaphysics. The themes like Wisdom, Epistemology, love, hatred, envy and covetousness have been explored.

Critical Analysis of The Space of Literature by Maurice Blanchot

It’s a critical analysis of The Space of Literature by Maurice Blanchot. The analysis is interpretative, literary and philosophical.

An Analysis of Foucault’s Order of Things

It’s an analysis of the Philosopher Foucault’s book: The Order of Things. The analysis proceeds on how knowledge systems developed in the 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th century.

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