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How to Stop Over-Editing Your Manuscript & Get It Submitted For Publication

Do you struggle with the editing phase? Are you finding it hard to call your manuscript good enough so you can (finally!) submit it for publication?

Ideas for Writing Romantic Short Stories

There is historical love and contemporary love, there is futuristic love, and what about straight romance? Maybe something really sensual or sweet?

Top 10 Successful Short Story Writers in India

1.Rabindranath Tagore:Rabindranath Tagore (born May 7, 1861) was the first non-European laureate to win the Nobel Prize. Best known as a poet, he was a man with a great number of talents.

Creative Writing: How To Write Convincing Characters

In fiction, characters are the key to originality. Creating convincing characters can be challenging–but not as difficult as you might think.

Using All the Senses in Writing

Using all the senses is important for strong and effective writing. Ways to incorporate the senses are explored.

You Should Write A Book About That

Ever thought about writing your own book? Writing a book can be a daunting task, but it can also be a great marketing tool for your business. Become the expert your customers seek, learn how easy it is to write your own book.

Which Point of View Is Best For Your Novel?

Writers can choose from several Point of View options. Once you understand Point of View, you can choose the right one for your story.

Who Said Writing Was A Lonely Process?

It is said that writing can be a lonely experience. One where you toil through the days and work straight into the nights, tapping away on a keyboard or draining ink from a pen or lead from pencil as you scribble away on paper. For sure in those times, a writer needs the space to germinate the writing seed which hopefully was planted in those quiet times of isolation.

Breaking the Myths – How to Be a Great Novelist?

The article deals with the ways to write a good novel. It also tells about the myth that has its root from the history that there are rules for good writing.

Shakespeare, a Postmodern Analysis

It’s an analysis of Shakespearean dramas from a postmodern context. The analysis extends into political, social, cultural, psychoanalytic and deconstruction.

How Web Writing Is Different From Creative Writing?

Probably, people believe that writing is all same, but it’s not. Basically, there is a difference between content writing and writing content for a website. Don’t be confused; it simply means that Creative Writing means generating engaging content in different forms to use over the internet.

OK, I’ll Try To Write A Little Something Up That’s Juicy And Entertaining

Writing articles for the entertainment of a group of women? Actually I’m not against that but I have only been writing these silly little articles of feelings (Don’t Kick My Behind Guys!) because of “ONE” female personality. It’s good training writing these articles as my writing skills grow into the types of articles I never imagined I would be writing about thoughts and feelings.

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