How to choose a point of view and narrative style: The Write Channel “How to write a novel” course

Treating Your Writer’s Block: Ten Suggestions

Got writer’s block? Here are a few suggestions you can try to jump start your brain into writing creatively again.

Finish Off the Content With Much Needed High-Five

Everyone knows that content plays a vital role both in business and social communication, but a majority is still incapable to develop effective and quality content. In this article, I shared 5 valuable tips which can really make a content noticeable and worth to read.

The Four Most Rocking Things in the World

The world! Who can fully describe it? It is a place where all live habits. No form of science can fully describe it. When the scientists are busy carrying out various experiments they forget to research how music captivates a man’s soul. They have no clue in comparing who are the best musicians and what makes the best music. On the other hand, the believers leave everything to the creator who understands everything including their lives. To the close observers, you can agree with me that the following are the most cherished things in the world

The Caged Life of Joy

“That’s the king of the jungle. And he’s not afraid of anyone. I wish I had a tiger as a pet,” says the little girl.

Synesthetics – Redefining the Senses

Synesthetics encourages the practice of a daily shuffle of the senses both silently in the mind and verbally with someone you trust. This exercise is especially beneficial with children to keep their wide-eyed imagination flourishing with rhapsodic rhythm and melody.

Story of a Dead Girl

My funeral had a great turn out. And I was rather impressed by how miserable and unhappy they seemed at the cremation. I knew I was well liked by quite a number of people.

Five Ways to Instantly Improve Your Fiction

Sometimes learning just a few more “tricks of the trade” can take your writing to a higher level. Try these five easy tips to instantly improve your fiction. Some of these will work for nonfiction, too.

Asian Fetish for the English Stereotype

I approach this article in humoresque irony. Stereotype has been reproduced and re-signified by Prof. Homi Baba a postcolonial theorist.

Experiencing Ontology

It’s a philosophical exposition of the various states of being or ontology. I have used the philosophical connotations of existential philosophy. There are various states of being like being in itself, being for it self, rapture of the being, being a surreptitious self, being in an aesthetic mode of experience.

Bumfuzzling – Yep, Its Meaning Replicates Its Sound

Always on the lookout for new and interesting words filled meaningful sound I was happy to run across this “bumfuzzling” term. When I ran into this one in the New York times I knew I was in for some fun.

“Padding It Out” – Over Writing in Fiction

Ever picked up a novel, read it and come to the conclusion that it was not much of a deal, far too long, overblown and containing little meat? I’ve done it often and no doubt will endure it again.

The Fiction of Seeing

The author describes a character or a scene through his/her eyes and imagination. These are created through personal experiences and individual visions and so when I read the exact words of the author, even when they are massively descriptive, I still design my own characters and background. That is the fiction of seeing as no one can ever see quite the same thing.

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