Patricia Highsmith: Write Channel Quote of the week

What’s It Like for Book Authors to Be in the Writing Zone?

Beginning writers often wonder how professional writers do it. How do the pros continue to write good stuff day after day, week after week, and stay in the zone? This article answers the question and include tips for beginning writers.

Ambivalence As a Safety Guard

The word ambivalence fills the mind with a touch of confusion just in looking at the letters. Ambi-, the prefix, is also used in terms such as ambiguous and ambidextrous using ambi- which means “on both sides.” When a reader or writer can associate one term with another, new light can be shed on both. For example, someone who is ambidextrous can use both hands or a combination of left and right to complete familiar tasks.

Cantilever Can-Do

What a multi-faced word of wonderful surprises, shifting levels, balance and structure to produce walkways on air and balconies floating on the breeze and telescoping building floors suspended in thin air. A cantilever utilizes beams, planks, and girders, very non-distinct, unexciting materials that, when organized into a design incites the imagination and makes one marvel about and question the principles of physics, math, and science. If an office structure requires support to stand, how is it possible that is stands with the support unseen, unrecognized, or non-existent?

7 Tips For Writing Better Copy

After 15+ years of writing copy, these are things I wish I had known from the beginning. They’re all things I’ve picked up from personal experience..

Shrewd As a Shrew

The animal shrew is tiny with a pointed nose. Its squinted eyes radiate sneakiness and evil, although actually it is quite calm and innocent. How did shrew and shrewd get linked together? By sound? By description? By wrongly defining each? Is a shrew shrewd? What is in a word?

I’m Crazy Alice In Wonderland

Alice faces a bully as she returns to wonderland. Will it be war for the characters in Slumber Land? Or shall it be peace? Alice must keep a clear mind and make it safely to clear, peaceful lands before her vengeful feelings consumes her.

Quixotic – Idealism Linked With Impracticality

Quixotic: idealistic yet unrealistic; romantic but impractical, dreamy and anything but down-to-earth. Quixotic reminds me of Don Quixote who definitely imbued the term as a romantic, slightly off kilter, explorer and endearing figure. How cleverly he was named by author Miguel de Cervantes! By linking my knowledge of Don Quixote with quixotic, I can easily remember the definition while conjuring a picture of this affable figure in my mind.

Fritter – What’s in a Homonym?

Every word emits unique sounds as it rolls or teeters or explodes off the tongue. Some words scream, others bellow, and a third group might simply whisper a soft melody of joy. As you begin to listen to the chime or roar or whatever noise resounds, you will be better able to place them in just the right spot in your writing. Each vowel, consonant, syllable, and word make a tremendous difference in the impact of your message.

Lugubrious – Just Once

You may be wondering why I would select such a downer for a vocabulary term, especially after the joyful assault I had in a previous article on the wonders of resolutions, and the positive feeling that emanates from getting things done. Lugubrious, however, is a terrific example of a powerful word that when used in writing – in yours, in mine, and in that of other authors – may be used just once.

Is Technology Killing Creativity?

Is Technology Killing Creativity? No that is an impossibility. In fact creativity is more in demand than ever before. There has never been a better time in the history of the world for the average person to express and benefit from creativity.

How You Can Bring Magic in Your Writing Like a Magician – Secret Revealed

“Though I don’t know what I don’t know,” said the magician, “I know what I know. That’s why I can entertain you the way I want to, even if I can’t do what you tell me to do.” When asked how he could perform such strange feats, a magician told me so. It was a very erudite comment indeed.

New Year: Facts and Resolutions

‘New Year’ means diverse things to various segments of the society. For a layman, it’s the commencement of another year.

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