“Kill Your Darlings” The Write Channel Creative Writing Quote of the week

We Create From Where We Are, Even the Fear

We write from where we are. That includes touching on, even exposing to light, that shadow part of ourselves. How do we get there? How do we know where to start? With our parents. Regardless of how we might classify our childhoods, everyone was hurt, abandoned, developed false beliefs about themselves, and spend a portion of their adult lives unpacking the baggage from their formative years.

5 Advantages of Using a Content Writing Service

Content Writing Services are a good way to get your websites higher ranks. Good content is always appreciated!

A Writer’s Perspective on Intuition, Part Two

A freelance writer picks up a thought-provoking assignment. The topic? Intuition. From a writer’s perspective we learn that developing intuition is attainable and that a meditation practice helps get in tune with the physical and spiritual self. Hmm… Is it possible to enhance your awareness of your own being and your surroundings?

Beginning Writer? This Will Help

To a Beginner, Writing can be a daunting and forbidding place. Ease your tthoughts and let your creative spirit unfold!

How to Invite Creativity Into Your Life

There are many ways that one can enter into the writing life. Out of necessity, whether it’s part of a job or a drive from that creative part of ourselves; curiosity, because it’s what we’ve been raised around; or due to love. We’ve all done it. We announce to the world that we’re going on vacation, we’re starting a remodel on the kitchen, we’re going to get in shape, or write the great American novel.

Doubt Finds a Home in One Beginning the Creative Life

When we come up against something that is tough or dark or hard, resistance comes to life. Not the natural hurdles of plot or character trouble, but the kind that arises and begins to question whether or not we’re doing the right thing. And as soon as a sliver of doubt wedges its way in, then resistance has the run of the place. Doubt is fear’s faithful companion.

In Consultation: Creative Writing

So many children struggle with Creative Writing as it is a most difficult subject to master, yet an ability to write well is absolutely essential for examinations later on. Personal Statements for university and job applications all rely on expert use of written English. No wonder, then, that it is such a concern to parents.

A Writer’s Perspective on Intuition: Part One

Have you ever given much thought as to what ‘intuition’ means in your life? Better yet, how it affects your decisions?”

3 Act Structure of Screenwriting: Examples of Loglines – Part 6

Ideally, the logline begins with the protagonist that is the hero of the story. The term protagonist does not mean that the individual is a good person or will become a good person. What it means is that the film is that person’s story; they are pushing it to its resolution by the choices that they make along the way which are called critical decisions.

3 Act Structure of Screenwriting: Loglines – Part 5

The next step in any screenplay project is to begin at the top of the outline and fill in the blanks. First, define the central idea with what is called the logline. That great idea you had, if you cannot communicate the great idea in one sentence, it is not that good of an idea.

3 Act Structure of Screenwriting: Writing a Treatment – Part 4

Planning your screenplay is the first step to writing a well-written screenplay. Whether you like using a low-tech notepad and pen or word-processing software, lay out the skeleton of the outline as you find it in this chapter of the tutorial to help visualize the process. As the development of the script progresses, fill in each section along the way.

3 Act Structure of Screenwriting: Structure and Format – Part 3

We will be discussing the Three Act Structure of Screenwriting. It consists of three acts with eight sequences. That is, act one has two sequences, act two has four sequences, and act three has two.

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