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The Role of a Writer

I’ve talked to a lot of writers about why they write and the reasons are as varied as the number of writers I asked. Some write because it’s their job and that’s what they’re paid to do. Some write because it’s a hobby, something they enjoy doing.

8 Tips To Help You Write A Good Headline

Sometimes, just getting the brain to function is a toughie. Many times you’ll hear of it as “brain dead” or “writers block”, and both – well – any way to explain it works well. The skill of how to write a good headline is easy enough to learn and do, once you understand the “why”. I have 8 different exercises that will often jar me into action, and I’d like to share them with you.

Journaling Brings Peace of Mind

Journaling in the present moment also allows you to take ownership of your actions and thoughts. Take a moment now to reflect on your breathing. Take deeper breaths and clear your mind. Imagine a busy bee stopping to sit on a flower. The bee has stopped being busy. Be in the moment. Feel the peace.

Journaling Heals Your Past

It is difficult to live in the present or move forward in goals if you are caught in a tangled web from the past. Journaling will help you untangle the past and set you free.

Journaling – Balances in the Heart and Mind

Through journaling, your emotions and reason start to work together, creating a balance and harmony between the two. They will work together in finding creative solutions instead of being opposed to each other.

To Be Young Again

To be young again to go back to the days when everything was innocent to go back to the days when we didn’t know enough to worry about life or the world to go back to the days when we didn’t know enough about people and relationships to be jealous or feel hurt to go back to the days when somebody making fun of our name or how we were dressed was the worst thing that somebody could do to us to go back to the days when “going out” meant holding hands and a relationship got complicated when it…

Part 1: Henry

Henry walked up to the window of the blue Toyota Yaris and motioned for the driver to roll down the window. The driver sighed and started cranking the lever. “You were speeding pretty fast there buddy. You got somewhere important to go?” Henry says. “Ah, well, yeah I do have somewhere to go. Actually I am headed to meet a group I travel with.” Porty replies, waiting for the ticket to slap him in the face. There’s no way going over by 4 miles per hour could get me a big ticket, could it?

Don’t Press the DEM Button

The DEM Button is a Greek theater aesthetic that is dangerous to use in modern writing. It can disorient the reader and reduce his or her suspension of disbelief.

I Wish I’d Known To Ask the Write Question Sooner

Beginning writers need to know what the write questions are to ask. Don’t miss you chance.

Cow, Horse, Donkey and Farmer

Cow and donkey were feeling sad because they wanted another friend to have fun with. The next day on the farm a colt was born and cow and donkey were ecstatic to find that farmer put the new baby horse in the same stable as them!

How to Develop a Character in a Novel

I believe that to create a fictional character with power and authenticity, the author needs a basic understanding of psychology. That can of course come through the process of living, and through a long-established habit of observing people: and not necessarily through study. In this article, however, I suggest a knowledge of Jungian psychological concepts is useful; and to illustrate this, I’ll take the example of Complexes.

Journaling and Christian Prayer – 1 Key Reason You Must Journal

Prayer time is a source of renewal so that you can draw on wisdom from scripture and insights from God. By taking the time to pray you will be able to achieve clarity, balance and healing. By using journaling tools that incorporate both your creativity and logic, your prayer time will have a stronger positive ripple effect on yourself and the people that you encounter from day to day.

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