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Successful Women Authors

There was a time when women could never really amount to much, it was a man’s world and the woman’s place in that world was looking after their husband and children. At school girls were taught how to be the perfect cook, cleaner and wife. The only aspirations women had were to find and marry a man.

Wanna Be a Better Fiction Writer? Write Poetry

When I was in college, I majored in English with an Emphasis in Creative Writing. In this particular program, there was a further emphasis between fiction and poetry. Most of us majored in English with Emphasis in Creative Writing (Fiction), but we had to take some poetry classes and, speaking for myself, if I could have made a living writing poetry, I would have switched, because the poetry writing classes taught me how to play with words.

Why Do Poets Write Poetry?

I can only speak for myself, mind you, but I’m reasonably sure other poets would understand. They may not be able to explain the “why” any better than I can, but they would surely understand. A good friend once asked me why I write poetry.

Grandma’s Old Wives Tales

Are old wives tales actually “tales” at all? Seems to me like most of them actually have some merit and most of them even work.

Staying Focused – Learning From St Paul

How do we stay focused when all that we hope for seems very far from being achieved? These are the words that inspire me as I write: “Only let us live up to what we have already attained.” They come from St. Paul’s letter to his Christian friends at Philippi – chapter 3 verse 16. It is a measure of his psychological insight that these words apply not only specifically to the individuals he wrote to, but across time and culture to any of us who aim high in any field of endeavour at all.

Beatrix Potter the English Author

Helen Beatrix Potter was an English author who died on the 22nd of December back in 1943.  She was most famous for the stories she wrote for children. 

The Inspector Morse Novels

Invented by Colin Dexter, Inspector Morse has been the hero of a number of novels and even more episodes of the famously successful TV-series. 1975 – Last Bus to Woodstock: Two young women decide to hitchhike instead of waiting for the bus to Woodstock. Later, one of them is found raped and murdered in a car.

When to Write Out Numbers in English Writing

One of the most common sources of discussion amongst writers and editors is when should one write out numbers in the whole, and when should one just use numerals. This is most often an issue with regard to academic writing, although it comes up often enough in fiction writing too. If you are writing a journal article or dissertation then be sure to check with your relevant style guide for their exact rules. Many require everything to be written out whole, while others require everything in numerals, and yet another has strict rules regarding what numbers are written out and which are to be written in numerals.

January Is National Hobby Month: 5 Ways to Find a Writing Opportunity

Do you have a favorite hobby? Can you write about that hobby and market it? Whether it’s collecting salt and pepper shakers, rocks and minerals, carving objects out of wood, painting, writing, sculpting, crocheting, knitting, cooking or doing some other type of craft, it is literally impossible to be short of finding a topic to write about before the month ends.

Advertising Manager: Types and Responsibilities

One of the many organizations consists of persons responsible for advertising, publicity, sales promotion, marketing and public relations of commercial, public and other undertakings. The persons may, in fact, be business proprietors, directors or executives who have to wear several hats. They may be called advertising or publicity manager, but equally they may be sales or marketing managers who include advertising as one of their duties.

Writer’s Rush

I have decided that I suffer from a condition which I have decided to term writer’s rush. The name (a rather catchy one, I feel – and one of which I am more than a little pleased) concerns my self-determined diagnosed condition whose symptoms are the opposite of writer’s block. Let me explain.

Poems – Love

Read these three poems on love. The first poem is titled “The Only Way”, the second poem is titled “It’s about the Love”, and the third love poem is titled “It’s for the best”.

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