Why You NEED To Start a Blog – 5 Reasons to create your website immediately

Insure Versus Ensure: How To Improve Your Newsletter And Memo Writing

Have you ever sat down to write a memo or newsletter and wondered if you were using the correct ensure versus insure for something what you want to say? Or, have you avoided using that word altogether because you weren’t sure of the exact spelling or meaning of it? Well, you’re not alone. Following are some definitions and synonyms to help you out.

New Year’s Resolutions or Good Wishes?

Comparison between New Year’s in Russia and Christmas in America. Comparison between New Year’s resolutions and good wishes in Russia.

How Much Fiction Should You Write Before You Have What It Takes to Seek a Book Publisher?

Not long ago, I was talking to a gentleman, an author and writer, specializing in the science fiction fantasy genre. He was busy editing his second novel, having just finished the first. You see, he is looking for a niche publisher to help him launch his career. Still, as he’s waiting for letters of acceptance or rejection to come back and keeping a careful eye on that process but he can’t stop writing, so he has almost finished his second book and is in his first phase of editing. As we got to talking at the local Starbucks he explained something quite intriguing to me, a new strategy that you might consider if you are a fictional novel writer.

Blogging Apps For Your iPhone And iPad

Blogs are also an incredibly convenient way to keep friends and family up to date during special events, travel abroad, interesting projects, births, parties, house projects, new gardens, renovation updates and just about anything you can think of. Now you can easily blog from your iPhone or iPad with a whole list of apps to make doing so easy and fun.

Why Freelance Writing Is Good For You In 2013?

Have you been thinking along the lines whether 2013 would bring in better writing opportunities to capitalize on? Would you be earning more in the coming year? Well, irrespective of the global economic situation, writing as career will always be profitable. In case you have been thinking of getting into writing as a profession or looking for better paying jobs as a freelance writer, 2013 seems promising.

Interviews on Free Will: Pastiche of Antigone, The Taming of the Shrew, and Pride and Prejudice

Here is a take on what main characters would say about free will from Shakespeare’s Taming the Shrew, Austen’s Pride & Prejudice, and Sophocles’s Antigone. So it is a literary character analysis in the form of a play.

Review 10 Freelance Writing Sites

With a host of freelance writing sites requiring writers to work from home, most writers are confused about selecting a legit company. Here are 10 freelance writing sites that do not need writers to bid on projects, but you need to be accepted by the company based on specific criteria for long-term writing at different pay scales.

The Effects of Change

Everyone is familiar the fairy tale of Alice in Wonderland (2010) and how Alice went through many tests before she was able to understand her real destiny in life, however some may find it strange to relate such a fairy tale to life today. Contrary to belief there are so many things throughout this story I have found compatible to the many trials I have faced and conquered in my adulthood, honestly from young adulthood to adulthood.

How To Teach a Moral In a Short Story

Stories, well most of them, are designed to relay a message about the thoughts and feelings of an author regarding a certain issue. I guess, to some extent, every story has a moral, whether hidden, cryptic, implied, or preachy, because every story wants to tell you something. So, how do you write a short story with a moral? It’s really very simple. First off, know what you’re going to write about.

Make Money Writing Fanfiction Online Through Blogging

Do you love writing fanfiction (or fanfics) as a hobby? There are a lot of people out there already writing fanfiction about their favorite anime, TV show or even movie series. But I bet not many of them are making money out of it. Why? Because the either probably don’t know how or they haven’t even thought about making money from writing fanfiction. For those who have no idea what fanfiction is or never heard the term fanfics before – it’s basically the creation of fictional content based on an already existing storyline. For example, you take characters from your favorite anime or franchise and write your own story within that same universe and let your creativity just flow.

5 Things Every Writer Should Know About Creative Writing Software

Creative writing software is made to help people lessen the difficulty to write. Writing creatively takes the passion to write and the natural talent with words. Writers are expected to be able to turn their thoughts into texts that have well-organized paragraphs and chapters, interesting characters as well as excellent vocabulary. The process can be tricky; however, the software helps creative writers deal with the details of their plot and characters.

Dorothy Parker and Me: My Fascination With Dorothy Parker

I first became fascinated with Dorothy Parker in 1994 when I was going through a devastating divorce. My once thriving and solvent financial position had been turned upside down by a husband who decided he wanted to be an author and that I should fuel his dreams by supporting him financially for eight years, which I did. Then, when he started to become successful, he dumped me for a newspaper columnist who wrote for the San Francisco Examiner.

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