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Writing Is in the Details – Part 2

In Part 2 of my series on the proper use of detail in writing, I will discuss how to use detail to emphasize or describe a character’s emotional, intellectual or physical state. We’ve already learned that there is such a thing as detail overkill. Too much detail will kill the storyline. To use detail properly, we pick and choose the important ideas, objects and themes in our stories and scenes and apply detail to them to lead our reader into deeper understanding and a stronger connection with our story.

Writing Is All in the Details – Part 1

Learn how to use details in your writing to point out important objects and elements in your scenes. Done properly, details can draw your reader into your plot. This article will show, through examples, how to do it right and create a scene that hooks your readers from the start.

Word Challenge: Using Vocabulary to Improve Your Writing

Upper-level vocabulary words tend to impart deeper meaning to a story. The nuances can create a story that carries a richer feel. Here are a few pointers on how to make word choices that speak to your audience and improve your writing.

How to Create Interesting Short Story Ideas

Finding ideas for your short story can seem frustrating because you want to tell a story that is set apart from other creative writers. It takes a solid writer to create a short story that captivates readers and enthralls their minds from beginning to end. What’s great about writing is that the muse can come from a variety of sources. The writer must simply be prepared to remember what they’ve seen or heard and allow this prompt to guide their short story. It is also important to never press yourself to generate ideas. Here are creative ways to create interesting short story ideas.

From Truth Comes Fantasy

J. Mark Boliek’s new fantasy-adventure novel for young readers find meaning in the author’s real life experiences. Magic swords, secret potions, holy grails – these are some of the objects that color most fantasy-adventure novels where the point is simply to weave a fantastic tale. But what happens when marvels and magic, secrets and spiritual beings represent real-life events and emotions?

New Book Idea: Author’s Actions Hinge on Research, Chapters, and Writing Joy

Experienced authors get book ideas all the time. Some ideas sound amazing but, after further investigation, the author discards them. This experienced author tells why she discarded an idea and pursued a new one.

What John Grisham, Ernest Hemingway And Deepak Chopra Have In Common – How YOU Can EASILY Join Them!

What do YOU have in common with John Grisham, Ernest Hemingway, Deepak Chopra, and many other famous authors? What started them on the road to wealth and fame? Learn how you can easily join them!

This Is Why The Panda Will Always Incentivize Creative Writing Online

Let’s be honest. Some individuals simply detest composing articles and they can’t stand the concept of content syndication, article marketing or whatever else you want to call it.

Writing A Bestseller – A Character By Any Other Name

If you’ve ever met someone with a name that didn’t quite fit them, you know how easily a name can bring about a certain image. That’s exactly what you want your character’s names to do! That’s also why choosing the name should be the LAST part of your character development. To begin with, you can give them a “working name” to identify them from each other. Don’t spend too much time with this.

5 Fast Ways to Banish Writer’s Block

A case of Writer’s Block is to a writer, what a case of Tennis Elbow is to a Wimbledon Pro, and can feel rather…debilitating. Luckily, writer’s block can be healed with simple choice, and little (if any) down time. Below are 5 simple fixes to banishing the barriers, and writing on with gusto.

How Using Expository Essay Examples Can Help You

Expository essay examples can help you understand how to write good essay by providing you a source of reference. The goal of an expository essay is to clearly explain the viewpoints of a certain topic. There are various topics that can be used to write this kind of essay, whatever the topic may be, be sure you are clear and honest with the information you are writing about.

How Computers Slow Content Development

Content development plays a key role in establishing and maintaining exposure online and begins with the development of ideas. The discussion here focuses on why it is better to develop content without the use of your computer! Read more to see 3 hard to dismiss reasons why content development is something best done offline!

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