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3 Tips to Improve Your Writing

The best creative writers never stop honing their craft. Here are three tips that will help you fine tune your writing ability.

A Guide to Writing Website Content

Websites are a very effective way to communicate information to a wide audience from all over the world, and there are a few techniques that are required for writing website content to effectively communicate its purpose to the targeted audience. There are literally millions of websites on the web today and honestly a lot of these websites are very ineffective because the content on the website is not able to efficiently communicate the intended message to the audience at which it targets. The internet is open to a wide variety of people and you will not…

Is Your Novel Idea Worthy?

Not all ideas deserve a novel. Some want a short story others can only work in a poem. So how do you know if your story is worth the novel that you want out of it or if it can even survive the grueling process of writing?

Forms of Creative Writing – The Novel

This article is a personal explanation about why I decided to write a first novel, a psychological thriller, after having written so many film scripts. It is a modest effort to make conscious the two underlying compulsions which i believe is in all of us.

Writing Is the New Learning

In most classrooms around the world students must complete academic writing projects in order to get a passing grade. Most students do not like these assignments mainly because they are unfamiliar with the writing process. Learning some of the tricks of the trade can help accomplish this task and make it more of a learning process rather than a chore.

How to Write Japanese Haiku in English

Discover the joy of writing Haiku in English. By using the structure suggested in this article, you will soon be producing your own memorable Haiku creations to share with friends.

Researching Dead Relatives and How to Keep Your Legacy Alive

Researching the dead, resurrecting them, so to speak, to get information about them that should have been recorded when they were alive is a tedious task to say the least. The information that you gather only tells a small part of their story.

You Can’t Make This Up

How many colorful characters can you remember from your family reunions? It might be time to start a family history.

Why Choose to Write Flash Fiction

Flash fiction has been around the Net for quite some time. It’s your turn to write one.

Could You Write 20 or More Reasons to Write Poetry?

This article has more than 20 reasons to write poetry. Believe it or not, it actually has 50 reasons to write poetry.

Imaginative Writing Starts With This

The best imagination starter is the two-word question: ‘What if?’ This article shows what you can glean from using this question to prompt imaginative writing.

Write a Book, Read It Out Loud – Discover 3 Gifts

Written words have a special power when you read your writing out loud – for yourself in the quiet of an empty room or for others in a group. Not just finished, polished pieces, but drafts of books, writing of all types that needs revision. Reading your writing out loud can become an integral part of the process of deepening your writing and strengthening your writer’s voice.

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