Show don’t tell: The Write Channel tip of the week with Nicola Monaghan

Losing Touch? You Need A Retreat

I believe that entrepreneurship is a creative endeavor. But sometimes it can feel more like a task factory than a creative outlet. As you become a business-building machine, it’s easy to lose touch with your passion, lose sight of your vision, and even lose connection with the people you serve.

Hiring A Professional Content Writer

Professional and Mature Content – It is very important to get a high quality content writer to describe your work, business, product or services in a clear and crisp manner. Content that has to go global via internet or any other media to larger and important groups must be developed and written maturely and professionally.

Variety of Words in Case of Writing a Creative Article

The use of the same word or similar type of words to express similar types of thoughts may create monotony. In such cases, follow this rule. Rule: Use various words to express similar thoughts if such thoughts occur frequently in the piece of writing.

Understanding the Elements of Fiction

This article will outline the basic elements of creative writing or fiction. It will cover essential elements such as character, setting, plot, and conflict. It is designed to assist those people that are new to creative writing and want to know the bare bones of fiction writing to help them get started. However, it can also serve as a refresher for those more experienced writers or those who have not written for some time. It is aimed at the short story and novel market.

Writing Poems With Rhythm and Rhyme

Old styles of poetry are known for their distinct patterns of rhythm and rhyme; whereas ‘free verse’ has avoided those patterns. There is good and bad in each. However, the sounds and beats of words appeal to us on a deeper musical level.

Analyzing Irony and Humor From a Kirkegaardian Perspective

I was reading a biographical and textual sketch of the Philosopher, Soren Kierkegaard and I came to understand the philosophy of irony and humor as mentioned by the contributor. Irony occurs between the confinia of the aesthetic and the ethical. And humor occurs between the confinia of the ethical and the religious.

Life Begins And Then It Ends

At the age of 72 I begin to think about something we often do not want to consider. How I will meet death and what, if anything, comes after.

Primary Thinking Framework Before Writing a Unique Article

The brainstorming aided by the basic WH-Questions is a good framework of thinking. But it doesn’t take into consideration the faculties of the mind from which the ideas and information come. Hence the need for a broader primary framework of thinking which will help to gather or extract the basic ideas needed to develop a certain issue from the various faculties of the mind. This framework, or model- if we can call it so, can be conveniently identified as “I SEEK”:

How to Make an Attempt Before Writing a Unique Article

Before attempting to gather and develop ideas, you can make your purpose plan as follows. Output: Article, essay, story, report, letter, or something else? Reader: Specialist/technical, student, general (learned, Not-very-educated), or something else?

How to Start Thinking Before Creative Content Writing

As far as writing is concerned, the question that is most frequently heard from people is: How to start it all? or How to get going? An essential question it is. Most people find it rather easy to answer when they are asked questions. But they often don’t know how to question themselves and set themselves thinking. In a word, it’s very hard for them to find out the starting point.

Tactics for Writing Directly, Clearly and Effectively – Tips for Writers of All Niches

There are some specific and programmatic tactics for direct writing. They are enumerated as follows.

Using the Writer’s Toolkit: Ways to Become More Creative

Having the right tools available makes all the difference between creating a ho-hum finished product, or a memorable work of art. In any given craft, it would be difficult to create quality work without the proper equipment in your toolkit. Aptly furnished, an assembly of fine implements in the writer’s bag of tools will go a long ways towards better creativity in all writing assignments.

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