How Stories Affect Us

Cheat Your Way to Writing Blockbuster Headlines

The ability to writing great headlines hold the key to getting people to read your article or sales copy – whether you publish it online, send as email or even print it on a magazine. Learn how you can cheat your way to instant attraction by writing irresistible headlines.

Writing Inertia

Four out of five adults say they have a book inside them. Only two percent actually write and publish their masterpiece. Talk is cheap. Just do it!

A Complete Guide About APA Format and Text Citation

The APA format is basically a standard way of formatting manuscripts. The APA format has been adopted by various writers. There are two main reasons why this format has been standardized.

The Choice for a Good Creative Writing Program

Choosing the right creative writing program could compensate for copywriting in businesses, although, it is a whole different course subject. By being successful in such a competitive industry you will find it a very lucrative opportunity for you soon enough. Many people opt for publishing books and selling products in electronic form in that sales letters are a constant need even at the beginner end. By taking in lower pay for starters you are most likely to build up a sound living. So be sure that you are aiming for the right choice of creative writing course.

Create the Characters Your Novel Needs by Closely Observing Real People

Molding a character to fit the needs of the novel you are crafting requires in-depth probing to fully understand how he/she will react in a variety of situations. Many authors find the process one of the most enjoyable tasks they face. And a very gratifying one too as they input the characteristics they choose and see a rounded fictional being emerge. It is essential, however, that the characters remain true to the image you give them throughout all of the challenges and events they face in your novel. This consistency makes your characters credible and allows the reader to bond with them.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Attending Writing Class

Do you love writing and have an ambition to become a bestselling writer? You probably have an idea of what to write, but since you’re just starting out as a writer, you are probably wondering how to begin “finding your voice”. You may even be considering if you should attend a writing class.

Biography Writer

The job of a biography writer is to write the series of events that comprise a person’s life. The biography writer should have a number of distinctive attributes to carry out the responsibilities well. Besides being a prolific writer, he or she has to have a keen power of observation and be intelligent, creative, and curious.

Short Story Writers

It takes great skill to step into the shoes of short story writers. This is because short story writers are required to weave an enthralling spell of magic in a very short duration, and with the use of a very limited number of words. Composing short stories is among the most challenging, most satisfying, yet, most infuriating and frustrating forms of literature.

Three Awesome Tips to Improve Your Creative Writing

If I accidentally bumped into you in the school hallway or elevator and by my nametag you realized that I was the visiting author for “Author Day,” what would you do? Would you introduce yourself and ask me any interesting questions about the writing process or my career as a writer? Or would you just play shy, and avoid any conversation with me?

Deathly Cold

I admire Edgar Allen Poe greatly, so in homage to him I wrote in his style, as he did for “The Telltale Heart.” Here is a preview: YES, I know he hates me. But I didn’t really believe it would end this way. His calculating and so very very ANGRY glances, surreptitious fleeting ghastly eyes glaring, at me, only at me. I did not think anything would come of this. But it is cold, so very very COLD, a cold world, cold floor cold air. Yes, cold. And silent.

2 Poems: One of Nature and One of Madness

The first is called “Ere the Dawn Breaks.” It is about the open ocean and the paths through it that are so analogous to life. There are always so many options, opportunities, to choose from. The second poem is called “They Say I Am Mad.” It deals with loss and grief, and one woman’s way of dealing with the pain. As she falls into madness, you can hear her, screaming inside her own head.

7 Ways National Picnic Month Inspires Writers

Do you enjoy being outside and sharing some delectable dishes with friends and family? Is there a particular place that you enjoy having a picnic? What bugs you about being on a picnic?

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