What Is Fan Fiction?

What is fan fiction? A lot of people have heard about fan fiction, but few know what it is. Fan fiction is stories written by fans of other media or shows. These stories usually take place in the world of the original show, and often feature characters from the original show. The stories are usually written to be as faithful as possible to the original show.

Fan fiction has been around for decades. It was first popularized in the 1960s when people wrote stories about the Star Trek television series. Since then, fan fiction has expanded to include many different types of media.

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There are many reasons why people write fan fiction. Some people just love to write, and want to share their passion with others. Other people want to create new characters and worlds for themselves. Still others write fan fiction because they like the characters or the world of the original show. Some people write fan fiction to express their own opinions.

Because fan fiction can be so varied, it can be difficult to define exactly what fan fiction is. Most people would agree that fan fiction is not pornography, although some people might disagree. Fan fiction is usually not written to shock, but to entertain. Some fan fiction authors may be inspired by their favorite show, but most fan fiction writers do not try to mimic the original show. Instead, they create their own stories.

In addition to creating original characters, fan fiction writers can also write original stories based on the original story. In fact, fan fiction can even be a combination of both original characters and original stories.

Most fan fiction writers write stories about the original show because they are interested in the characters and the world. For example, if you love the Star Trek series, you may want to write a story about Captain Kirk and his crew. If you love the Harry Potter books, you may want to write an original story based on the world of Harry Potter.

If you are looking for a fun way to pass the time, you might want to consider writing your own fan fiction. There are many websites where you can find fan fiction to read. Many of these websites allow you to create your own fan fiction, or to upload existing fan fiction. You can even join fan fiction groups on these sites.

Writing fan fiction can be a great hobby. You can create characters that you love, or write original stories based on the world of your favorite show.

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