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What Makes a Good Christian Play?

Good stories make great plays, and all around the world, Christian plays are much appreciated for their meaning, lessons, and inspirational effect whenever people watch them. Every once in a while individuals appreciate a touching presentation which can reach to their inner self and affect them positively. We believe how important it is for Christian play scripts to be carefully crafted while maintaining the audience’s attention.

Qualities of Good Christian Plays

A good Christian play, apart from the obvious theme and message, needs to have certain other qualities to entice the audience and arouse interest in them. Play scripts shouldn’t be monotonous or tinged in monochrome. Audience appreciates different shades that remind them of their everyday life and its struggles and dilemmas. There are a few characteristic traits that connect all good Christian plays, written for churches, theaters and school groups.

Writing Home

What are your favorite memories of your home town? What are the advantages of setting your next story there? It’s always easier to write about a place you know.

Avoid Stereotypes

Stereotypes belong in comedic parodies only. Outside of the comedy genre, there is no place for stereotypes at all.

Writing Unique Characters

You’ve given your character strengths. You know their weaknesses; you know what motivates them to their goals and you know what scares them.

Writing Is An Important Business

Writing is such an important business because it touches lives and influences the thinking of people all over the world in a way you could never reach them personally. Writing is an art and can be learned. If you can speak, you can write… but the actual writing and publishing of books seems to be confusing to so many potential authors.

Character Weaknesses

Just as characters must have strengths, they must also have weaknesses. A character that only possesses strengths is unrealistic.

Character Strengths

Every character in your novel or movie script must have strength. A superhero who can fly and lift incredible boulders, or maybe just an ordinary mother fighting to survive for her children in the collapsing economy.

The Evolution of the English Language

Have you ever noticed that as a result of the English Language absorbing so many foreign words that we frequently find that we now have several words to express the same idea. For example: ‘sympathy’ (Greek), ‘condolence’ (Latin), ‘fellow feeling’ (Saxon). ‘rapport’ (French)

Creative Writing: Internal Vs External Conflict

Conflict is what keeps your readers and your characters on their toes. Conflict keeps your plot moving forward and pushes your characters into exploring new depths of their personalities.

How to Be a Creative Writer

The ability to engage a reader and hold their attention takes skill, and a great deal of flair. No matter what the subject matter, a creative writer should have the ability to spin an interesting tale out of it.

The Main Characters

Characters make the story. No matter how interesting your plot may be, if the characters are boring or unlikeable then chances are your readers will put the book down long before the book is over.

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