Internal and External Conflict: The Engine of Fiction


You Can Judge a Book By Its Title

Often times, the title of an author’s manuscript is given less thought than the opening sentence. Remember, readers, won’t even get a chance to see the most clever or profound opening sentence if the title is well… too blase to get them to even open the book. Give your book title the time and thought it deserves.

Creativity Happens INSIDE ‘The Box’

It’s mistakenly repeated all the time, that you have to ‘get out of the box’ to be creative. Businessmen do it as much as artists and every other person trying to be creative about whatever endeavor they’re trying. But the reality is that while IMAGINATION happens ‘outside the box’, true creative thinking, in fact the best creative thinking happens ‘INSIDE the box’. ‘The Box’ is about constraining your efforts in order to focus them. While this article is aimed at creative writing, the principle of ‘inside the box’ thinking holds true for artists or businessmen or anyone that is looking for improved creativity for their ideas.

Why Are Spies and Vampires So Popular?

Most young adults don’t read at all, but sometimes there are huge crazes and entire communities become engrossed in one particular series. Aren’t you curious to find out why, or how to make your own series popular? Read on for the secret behind the interest.

Mumble or Stumble, But Don’t Fumble!

As authors and writers, we must become the best we can be at what we do. Do not let self-criticism eat away your skill. There are some simple things that you can practice to increase your ability. Learn them. Practice them. Keep them close to your heart.

Short Story Writers – How Supermarket Style Selling Can Help You

When selling short stories on Kindle you should sell in threes or fours, which people will actually read. This means that people interested in your work will buy sequels. This is similar to the supermarket strategy.

11 Writing Ideas for National Fragrance Month in November

Do you wear colognes, perfumes or eau de toilettes? Do you enjoy the essence of pleasant smelling fragrances? Allow those olfactory glands and writing techniques to charm your emotions, as National Fragrance Month is celebrated during the month of November.

7 Top Qualities Of A Good Writer – How To Become A Good Writer

Learn what exactly makes a great writer. Learn what you need to become a good writer.

Mind-Mapping Your E-Book

Using mind-mapping to plan an e-book or indeed any lengthy document brings clarity to the creative process and helps trigger fresh ideas. The technique is simple and easy to use. Though manually drawn mind-maps can be time-consuming and messy, mind-mapping software saves hours of redrawing and delivers a ready-to-go table of contents…

Creating Your Own Mythology – Tips For Writing Supernatural Fantasy Stories

In this article I present the method that has worked best for me when tackling supernatural story writing. I think that while it may be different from the one you may ultimately choose, it can be helpful in giving you ideas on how to proceed. For a long time it has been a suspicion of mine that great ideas are everywhere, but that sometimes we cannot see them, for whatever reason, until someone shows us how they came to their ideas. Then, as if some gate had been opened, we begin to see our own ideas everywhere. It is my hope that this little article, along with others I have previously published, will help others find their own inspiration.

Where Do These Influences Come From?

Our parents have a role in influencing us, and our families and the places we are from. Our character is built around the things we learn from the world around us, but it is also influenced these days by media, particularly books. Learn more about what influences you.

Tactics Used by Screen Writers to Fudge Out a Spellbinding Plot

How do you get down to write that novel? How do you pen the perfect plot? Completing your novel is a piece of cake now!

The Secret to Writing

The secret to writing is having something to say. Seems simple enough, obvious really, but you’d be surprised how many people either don’t realize this or willfully ignore it.

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